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Selanne stunned by Finns' obliteration by U.S.

by John Dellapina /
VANCOUVER -- Teemu Selanne's farewell Olympic tournament had been a joyride until Friday afternoon. He tied and then broke the modern Olympic record for point-scoring and his Finnish team was yet again confounding all those who repeatedly overlook them when international competitions come around.

But the class-oozing 39-year-old, who scrambled back from a badly broken jaw suffered on Jan. 13 -- and surgically-reconstructed the next day) -- to return to the Anaheim Ducks' lineup by Feb. 1, suffered as humiliating a loss as he ever has in Team USA's 6-1 obliteration of Finland in the first of two Olympic semifinals.

Just off the Canada Hockey Place ice following the final buzzer that couldn't come soon enough, Selanne was his ever-gracious self and stopped to talk with --
This tournament began with such triumph for you personally and for Finland as a team. Can you describe your emotions to have it turn out this way?

Selanne -- Its obviously very disappointing, very tough. When a game is over after 12 minutes, I don't know what to say. It's frustrating and it's tough. I'm very disappointed. --
This was so out of character for Finland, which never fails to battle and, win or lose, always appears to give its best effort.

Selanne -- Yes. I'm stunned. This has never happened in my career on the national level. I don't know what happened. You know? --
Can you describe the dizzying first period, in which the Americans scored six goals within a 10:42 stretch?

Selanne -- The first 12 minutes, it's 6-0. You know it's over and it's going to be a long night after that.

It's very disappointing. But you know, we didn't deserve to be in the final if we played like that. We didn't deserve anything. -- Can you and your teammates rebound and compete for a bronze medal?

Selanne -- Bronze is a huge thing. I'm going to make sure we bounce back tomorrow and give everything we have and see what happens.
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