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Pronger has blurred vision after stick injury @NHL

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger has blurred vision in his right eye and does not know when he'll return to the ice after being jabbed in the face.

Pronger spoke Saturday night for the first time since Toronto's Mikhail Grabovski hit him just outside his right eye with a stick blade. Pronger says he feels lucky the injury was not worse because serious eye injuries have ended careers in the NHL.

Pronger says his vision is still a "little blurry" because of eyedrops and other medications needed to relieve swelling and pressure. Pronger has been on bed rest, but "gingerly" rode a stationary bike for 15 minutes on Saturday.

The Flyers have said Pronger would not be cleared to play unless he wore a visor. Pronger declined to say if he would wear one whenever he comes back.

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