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Kane tops Toews, wins Shooting Accuracy contest

by Arpon Basu /

COLUMBUS -- Bragging rights in the Chicago Blackhawks' dressing room belong to Patrick Kane.

Kane and his captain in Chicago, Jonathan Toews, went head-to-head in the DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting portion of the 2015 Honda NHL All-Star Skills competition Saturday, and Kane came out ahead by nearly three seconds against Toews.

Kane needed six attempts to hit the targets in each corner of the net, taking 13.529 seconds to do so. Toews was on target to match Kane's number of attempts and challenge his time when he hit three targets on his first four attempts, but he then hit the goal post on three straight attempts before hitting the final target and finishing with a time of 16.307 seconds.

Kane also had the fastest overall time, giving the team of captain Nick Foligno four of a possible five points in the competition and a lead of 10-1 overall after three competitions.

Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks began the competition by getting Team Toews on the board, taking advantage of a difficult opening effort from Bobby Ryan of the Ottawa Senators. Ryan needed 30.914 seconds to hit his four targets, leaving the door wide open for Getzlaf to claim a point for Team Toews. Getzlaf didn't particularly need the cushion though, hitting on four of six shots in a time of 14.105 seconds.

Foligno was next for his team and hit on four of six shots in 13.674 seconds, beating Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins who also hit on four of six shots but needed 17.038 seconds to do it after having some difficulty handling passes.

Radim Vrbata of the Vancouver Canucks looked as though he would allow Team Toews to claim another point when he led off the next round for Team Foligno with a 4-for-9 performance in 21.141 seconds. But John Tavares of the New York Islanders couldn't take advantage of the opening, hitting on four of 10 shots in 26.122 seconds.

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