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Joel Quenneville Off-Day Transcript @NHLdotcom
Q.    Coach, what was the mistake, if any, on the line change in overtime?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I think maybe we could have just had one guy change on the play instead of two.  Which gave them a little extra man on the rush.

Q.  Joel, can you talk a bit about the impact that Pronger has had in this Series against your top players?  And the second part is, Dustin showed a bit of frustration last night.  Do you think he's feeling it?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  No, I think Buff is not an easy guy to play against as well.  I think one thing about Prongs, he's played in some hockey and he played in some big games.  I think that it's a good challenge for Buff to make sure you make it as tough and as rough as you can on Prongs.  Make it hard minutes on him.

I still think he's battling in the right area.  I know he gets rewarded when he gets there.  I think it don't take much of a loose puck for him to finish, and haven't found it yet, but certainly he's going to get a chance as we go along here.  I thought that line was more effective in each and every game as we progressed here.  Kaner's game as well progressed yesterday.

Q.  Joel, is Ladd going in, and if so, who comes out?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Laddy situation we'll talk about it in the morning.  He skated today.  We'll assess that after he skates tomorrow.

Q.  How much    obviously there's two great defensive pairings on each side and two very good second defensive pairings.  When one line starts getting hotter than the other, how difficult is it to pick your poison when to throw one set against a different line?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  It's a good question.  I think that matchups kind of changed as you go along in the course of the games and the course of Series.  One line gets a little hotter.  Maybe you get away from that and the other side    that line might get hot again.  Sometimes it's a give and take.  Sometimes it's    might take the matchups that's out there.      But, certainly, Bolly's line is trying to work the one situation.  They are doing a decent job.  The other times sometimes you are looking for the D matchups.  We'll look at what we can do to slow down one of the other lines, and hopefully get more consistency in that area.

Q.  The success of their penalty kill goes back a couple of rounds now.  They're on a nice run.  What have they been able to do out there?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Our power play, we didn't get many opportunities here as we've gone along here.  I think last night was probably the chance to make an imprint on our power play.  Make it more effective.

But we can be better on it, for sure.  And that's something we're talking about to improve upon going into tomorrow's game.

Q.  Joel, if Andrew is healthy enough to play, is the inclination to do something different following a loss to shake things up, knowing how effective he's been?  And are you concerned about having lost him wanting to do something different?  Or are you looking at maybe status quo because it is just one loss?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  It is just one loss.  And at the same time we said at the top of the Series that Laddy is day to day.  We expect him to play over the course of the Series.  When he's ready to play, he'll play.

Q.  Coach, when you have a long winning streak in the Playoffs, does the team get a sense of invincibility, and has that eroded at all when you have one loss, especially in overtime?  And is there any sense of doubt in player's head they're thinking if we lose tomorrow it's even again and the pressure is back on us?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  No, you have to like the disposition of our team and their approach.  We have gone along here seven in a row.  You feel good going into games.  You feel good when the games are on the line.  You feel good in the third period.  You feel good in overtime.  It's a tough loss.  Certainly we're disappointed.  Should create an appetite for us going into tomorrow's game.  And we're looking for a response.

Q.  Joel, going back to the line change, you explained should have been one guy instead of two.  Where does the responsibility lie for that?  Is it a player's call?  Is it a coach's call?  Who exactly was where they shouldn't have been?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I don't want to get too technical.  We don't want to point fingers.  When you are trying to match lines, sometimes you're going to be vulnerable to a tough change.  Sometimes there's too many men.  Sometimes a guy gets a late change coming off the bench as well.  So that's all part of it.  In a situation like that, I'll take the hit for it.

Q.  Joel, we know Jonathan has pretty high expectations of himself.  What do you think of his play so far in the Series and kind of getting on the board last night that can carry over?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I think Johnny’s line has gotten better each game of the Series.  They were more dangerous last night be it off the rush.  Had more puck time.  I would expect them to continue to improve the way he has throughout his career.

Q.  Going back to the power plays, is it your best guess a work ethic thing, X's and O's, combination?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, I think there's some ideas we can look at.  More puck possession and more simplicity.

Q.  Coach, have you thought about shuffling the first line a bit, maybe trying to get Byfuglien or Toews, Kane away from Pronger?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  He's out there for more than half the game.  So that's easier said than done.  If you are looking for that matchup to be avoided.  Whether your change    Benny has been on that line a couple of times, they scored both times    maybe he's been on it a few other times than that.      Sometimes you mix and match.  Sometimes based on    sometimes the guy is missing a skate or he needs a blow or something.  He's too tired to go.  I think, at the same time, you can mix your lines up as best you can.  But at the same time, we're pretty comfortable with the success that the lines have had.  And the rotation that we do have with our lines.

Q.  Joel, some of your guys expressed a little surprise at some of the things that Pronger gets away with without being penalized.  What's your take on that?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  We'll talk about it.  I know there's forms and there's mechanisms for us to get our messages across.  I think there's a couple for sure late in the game, there was one that got my attention, whether it's a stick use or obstruction, I think we'll keep an eye on it.

Q.  What was the play?

COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Whether it's a dump or a chip, I think how he makes you take the long way.
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