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Jessica Rose - On To Game 7!

by Jessica Rose /
Blog 9 - Wednesday, May 13


I had the pleasure of watching last night’s Game 6 live at the Honda Center. Am I ever glad I had that opportunity! The Ducks started out tough in the first period but Detroit fought back and Chris Osgood played well and shut us out the entire first period. Jonas Hiller didn't make it easy for the Wings though! Our starting line up was great last night. They were a step ahead of everyone else and were so exciting to watch every time they got on the ice. The second period was a good one for the Ducks, scoring both goals during that period.

Again, I really think tonight it came down to who wanted it the most and the Ducks were fighting the hardest. I think Detroit may have underestimated them a little up until the third period where Detroit felt the pressure and stepped it up a notch scoring one goal. Not to say Detroit didn't play well last night, because they did. But the Ducks play so well when they are up against the wall. It seems like the one thing you never see them do is give up when they are in a tough position. If anything they just play harder regardless of how much they are down. Personally, I think it's one of the reasons they are such a good team.

I can't wait for Game 7! It's now or never for both teams and I have no doubt it's going to be an intense game. These two teams are exciting to watch any time, not just in Playoffs! With this much on the line, I have no doubt it will be one of the best games to watch in the League... then again, I'm biased ;-)


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