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How loud is it? Game 3 decibel readings @NHLdotcom
How loud is it inside Wachovia Center for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final? aims to find out. We have a decibel meter packed alongside all the laptops, notebooks, cameras and pens, so we will provide some level of the noise and excitement inside the building at key parts of Game 3.

The top reading in Game 1 at the United Center was 121dB, recorded during the singing of the National Anthem (Game 1 decibel readings). Game 2's highest decibel mark was 122dB, also measured during the National Anthem (Game 2 decibel readings).

The decibel meter will be in tow throughout the Final, so we'll find out which fans -- Chicago or Philadelphia -- will raise the roof the most.

"Don't Stop Believin'" with highlights
102dB Motorcycle
Flyers shown on video from dressing room Pre-game 106dB Diesel Truck
Flyers enter the ice Pre-game 107dB Train
Leighton introduced in starting lineup Pre-game 105dB Diesel Truck
Pronger introduced in starting lineup Pre-game 107dB Train
Briere introduced in starting lineup Pre-game 103dB Diesel Truck
Hartnell introduced in starting lineup Pre-game 101dB Blender
Kate Smith shown during "God Bless America" Pre-game 107dB Train
Fans sing along with Kate Smith, Lauren Hart Pre-game 103dB Train
Kate Smith and Lauren Hart shown on screen Pre-game 107dB Power Mower
Crowd cheers as song concludes Pre-game 114dB Loud Rock Concert
Hossa gets sent to penalty box  13:54 in 1st period 108dB Power Saw
Briere scores powerplay goal 14:58 in 1st period 112dB Loud Rock Concert
PA announcement of Briere goal 14:58 in 1st period 108dB Power Mower
Hartnell scores 2nd Flyers goal 9:55 in 2nd period 111dB Loud Rock Concert
Announcement that play is under review 2:30 later 102dB Train
First glance fans see of replay 1 min later
105dB Diesel Truck
Announcement of good goal Moments later 110dB Loud Rock Concert
Cheering after killing of Leighton penalty 17:00 in 2nd period 102dB Train
Kane scores on breakaway 2:50 of 3rd period 90dB Farm Tractor
Leino scores on a rebound 3:10 of 3rd period 112dB Loud Rock Concert
Fans make noise during break in action Moments later
106-108dB Power Saw
First OT goal when 'scored'  5:02 of overtime 113dB Loud Rock Concert
Fans realize goal is in doubt Seconds later 98dB Blender
Announcement that play in under review Seconds later 97dB Blender
Fans urge Flyers on Moments later 99dB Blender
Giroux scores game-winner 5:59 of overtime 114dB Loud Rock Concert


Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss:      90 - 95dB
Pain begins:     
Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection:      
Loudest sound possible:      

Statistics for the Decibel Comparison Chart were taken from a study by Marshall Chasin , M.Sc., Aud(C), FAAA, Centre for Human Performance & Health, Ontario, Canada.

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