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Game 5 postgame quotes: Stars reaction @NHLdotcom
Coach Tippett

Q.  Talk about Marty. Obviously we've talked incessantly about him up here. Talk about how critical he was.
COACH DAVE TIPPETT: Well, there's been a lot documented about his struggles up here. I don't look at it as his struggles. I look at it as our team's struggles up here. For us to be successful, he has to be very good. That's what you saw from him tonight. I thought there was so much battle in him. Our team, one of our themes all year is find a way to win and have the will to win. I think Marty exemplified that tonight. He wasn't going to be denied in this game.  He made enough saves in this game for us to get us the win.

Q.  As far as you've mentioned how you need everybody obviously against this team. Talk about some of the unsung guys coming up for you.
COACH DAVE TIPPETT: We have some people that are probably not what you'd call household names, but they're sure doing a good job for us. They're excellent players. They play the game at a good pace. This series, the one thing that's dictating a lot about this, players that can play with pace become valuable players in the playoffs. I think if you look at that line of Petersen and Lundqvist and Eriksson, those are perfect examples of young players who are very good players getting thrust in a very difficult situation and performing very well. That's kind of been our team's way we've gotten through this for the playoffs. It's great to see those young guys have success because you know as a coach you see behind the scenes how hard they work, the things they do to get better. You get in a game like that, it's great to see them play well.

Q.  Toby Petersen had about three or four minutes more than any of the guys who were considered your top three centers. Wouldn't have expected that at the start of the series. How did that come out, just out of desperation?

COACH DAVE TIPPETT: There's some penalty kills in there, some situations with faceoffs in our own end, shuffling guys on and off to try to get certain matchups that we want. Toby is a guy who got locked out there a couple times, didn't get off the ice. He's playing very valuable minutes, playing against top players, and he's getting the job done for us. Again, he probably typifies, when you talk about players that play the game fast or play with pace, he's one of those guys that is right there. He's not a big guy, but is willing to get in the trenches, plays fast. That's what made him a good player in this series.

Q.  Speaking specifically of Petersen's line, talking about keeping Detroit's top trio off tonight?
COACH DAVE TIPPETT: I think it was more a group effort than just the one line. It's harder to get the matchups when you're on the road. We have certain people we feel comfortable out there against them. They've been a dynamic line for them. They've done a lot of their scoring. They're certainly a line we have to be aware of. We went in knowing we wouldn't be able to get the specific matchup we wanted. We had our whole group ready. When you get on against those guys, you got to check very well. They're still going to get some chances. They're great players, can get some chances. But you got to deny as many as you can. I think our group as a whole, and Toby's line when they were out there against them, our group as a whole defended better tonight than we had early in the series.

Mike Modano

Q.  Talk about the win, but also Marty, the performance he had, especially in this building.
MIKE MODANO: Well, we talked about it before the game. We just felt, give us enough opportunities here, one of these days we're going to play well. He's going to stand out and win us a game here. It's a great thing about sports: a lot of second chances, a lot of chances to prove yourself over again, erase a lot of doubt that anybody has in you, media, whatever. We felt going into the game tonight positive. Everybody felt good and loose.  There was nothing to lose out there today.

Q.  Going into Game 4, you were at home, somewhat comfortable there. Was it harder to tell yourself you could win this game here today?
MIKE MODANO: I mean, obviously our track record plays tricks on the mind. Obviously you have some inner battles with that. We felt the first 10 minutes of the first period was a great start to the game, something we definitely needed for our psyche, our overall mindset here playing in Joe Louis. It was a good start. But we felt throughout the day that we really had some good jump, good coverage. We skated well and did some things very well here that we hadn't done in a long time.

Q.  Turco moved the puck around real well. Did you notice a different mindset from him coming in?
MIKE MODANO: Just looked really aggressive. You know, he didn't really second guess himself. He just was going to go out there, play the puck, make the first correct and open play he saw. When he's jumping out of the net, making plays like that, you know he's involved, you know he's into it mentally, his focus was really good tonight. But when he's moving around like that, you know, we knew that he was going to make some plays. He made some really good outlets just getting away from pressure. That's really been a big plus for us since he's been a goaltender for our team, that he does have the ability to really neutralize a team's forecheck with his ability to get out of the net.

Brenden Morrow and Marty Turco

Q.  After all of the adversity, how good does it feel to get the monkey off your back, have a big win here at Joe Louis Arena?
MARTY TURCO:  Great question (laughter). Well, it feels good. Feels more good about the situation we were in, the environment we're in, the ability we had to overcome it. It's a huge challenge that only fractionally got better tonight the way we're looking at it. But if we were able to do this, we thought we needed at least one here, now we're going to need at least two. For me it has been a long time. But it's something I never thought that wouldn't happen in my career. You know, we're excited to go back home and continue to push this thing along.

Q.  Marty, could you talk to us as far as how the game went. Looked like you were starting to feel more comfortable as it went. Was that how you were feeling?
MARTY TURCO: No, I felt pretty comfortable from the beginning. Warmups this morning, getting up. Probably the best I've felt in this building probably ever. But it's supposed to be like that. Your next game's always supposed to be your best. You know, for whatever reason, just felt the most in this series in total control. Usually works out like that when you have that feeling. There wasn't as many quality close chances as there has been. That's a credit to our guys, the ability to see the puck and find it, you know, hugely indebted to those guys. Even a few come sliding across and hit you when you can't see it. You're not always going to shut them down, it's got to be a total effort, and we found a way tonight.

Q.  Brenden, when you see Marty not only making the saves but playing the puck the way he is, getting an assist eventually, can you tell that's one of those nights where he's on his game?

BRENDEN MORROW: I think he said it. I saw it before the game even started, just the focus he had, his preparation. Then once the game started, he was real comfortable back there playing pucks, reading plays, making those passes. I think he hit Hagman for a two on one. But, you know, he's given us a chance to win every night.  Unfortunately it's a team sport and we haven't been there for him sometimes. He's going to get the brunt of the blame. We're all in it together. Tonight we all pulled through.

Q.  Marty, did you think about doing anything radical, break out your Michigan Wolverines mask or anything like that? This is the same game day preparation you've done for every game?
MARTY TURCO: Well, we haven't played in the afternoon in the playoffs, so that was a little bit different for all of us. But, no, you know, I didn't think of anything.
BRENDEN MORROW: Did you tell them about that chicken?

MARTY TURCO: No, no, there's no chicken. It was a rooster (laughter). No, I didn't.  I think that's from talking over the years with, you know, our outlets down in Dallas about, you know, being true to yourself. There's a lot of things that Brenden and I have talked about over the years, over the course of this season in particular. That's kind of the confidence you see now stemming from all that, the belief we have in each other up there, but in the rest of our crew. It is a huge team sport. You want to do it your way all the time. Felt like I stayed steadfast in all that. It's kind of an inner belief that you have, but more importantly you need to be successful. There wasn't a doubt in my mind it would happen. Wasn't any better time than now.

Q.  Marty, about a minute into the game, [Red Wings' forward Dan Cleary] had a pretty good shot. When you can pass an early test like that, does it build your confidence in the game?

MARTY TURCO: Some nights certainly it does. You're not always a hundred percent confident starting a game. You'd love some rubber, some easy ones to get into it. But right from the onset, warmups, the buildup was there for me. I didn't feel like I needed to get into it; I was already there. Just being ready and focused no matter what came my way was the way I was approaching it. You know, they had a few chances in the first. You know, we were able to stave it off and get the lead, which was important, looks like, in this series.

Q.  Marty, was it coincidental that you caught them in line changes today? Is that a by product of your ability to get that puck out so quickly?
MARTY TURCO: Well, certainly when they're making changes, there's always seams. But more than anything for me, it's just the opportunity when it presents itself to grab pucks, to have lanes, to see them, make those plays. I don't feel like I'm ever going to alter my game from playing the puck. But some nights lanes are there, sometimes the guys are on the same page. Sometimes you're just better seeing it. Tonight we were on. Just had the puck in the right spots to make those plays.

Q.  You were in the same scenario in the last round, except up 3 0. Is there anything you gained from that experience that's helping you now with the shoe being on the other foot?

BRENDEN MORROW: We know being in that doubt starts to creep in. You've got a 3-0 lead, that fourth game is always the hardest. With our experience going through that, we know that it's gonna be tough in our building, being the away team, we had a couple opportunities to win in past series, it's going to be tough.

Q.  Brenden, you talked a little bit about the city needing something like this. What is Game 6 going to be like in the arena, around the city? Any anticipation for you guys?
BRENDEN MORROW: We expect a big buzz. Dallas has needed something with their sports teams. With the Mavericks and us, our upsets in the first rounds, this is pretty deep for their franchises. We expect a lot of excitement. It's up to us to go give them something to cheer about.

Mike Ribeiro

Q.  Seems like you were being physical, taking it to Detroit. That first goal was huge for you guys.
MIKE RIBEIRO: It is huge. When you score the first goal, you have the lead, you play with more confidence, you're not trying to chase the game. I think the last two games we had the lead and we played much better with it. But, you know, they're going to come back hard. We're going to be ready for it and be focused for Monday.

Q.  Talk about Marty Turco.

MIKE RIBEIRO: God, first one here. I mean, huge. 40 shots. Kept us in the game most of the game. He was ready for it. The thing is, going back home, we'll need him again. It was huge for us. He's a big part of the team.

Q.  Good time for a great beginning?

MIKE RIBEIRO: Couldn't be better than right now. To get his first win here was huge. We knew he was ready for it. We played hard. Everyone played well. To go back, like I mentioned, a lot of skills, a lot of chances to score, too. It's just to keep with it, take a period at a time.

Trevor Daley

Q.  Talk about Marty.

TREVOR DALEY: Marty is great. He's been great the whole series, the whole playoffs. He's our best player. Tonight he was awesome.

Q.  How about your goal?
TREVOR DALEY: I closed my eyes and it went in (laughter).

Q.  Talk about the energy tonight.
TREVOR DALEY: You know, we just wanted to keep the team moving. Winning the one on one battles were key for us last game. That top line is really talented. We had a hard match on them the last three games. I think we've done a good job on them.

Q.  Can't be as simple as getting the first goal in this series, but seems that way.
TREVOR DALEY: Yeah, you know, I guess statistics show that. Tonight, I don't think the first goal was enough. We still need to do a lot more than the first goal.

Q.  What were you thinking in the third period?
TREVOR DALEY: We all want to stick with our game. You kind of want to sit back and play it safe, but I think we stuck with our game, tried to keep the puck down low, create some chances as well. We just wanted to keep the puck going down low. So we did a good job on that.

Q.  Perfect time for Turco to get his first win in Joe Louis.

Steve Ott

Q.  You have momentum going back home?
STEVE OTT: For sure. We're in that situation now. We're putting the pressure on them. We definitely felt that pressure against San Jose when we were up 3-0. We were in our own building to play Game 6. So definitely we want to get that one in Dallas. It would be a huge momentum builder coming into Game 7 because it just gives us a chance to see if we can win it all.

Q.  You joked a little earlier in the week a perfect time for Marty to get his win at Joe Louis. Are you predicting something?
STEVE OTT: I don't know if I'm predicting anything. Any time there's been any sort of pressure on Marty Turco, he's always risen.For some reason if it's during the regular season, playoff series, when people doubt him or people put the slightest pressure on him, it doesn't faze him at all. He never gets too high or too low. He keeps going on an even keel. Tonight was another perfect example of Marty being Marty.

Q.  Is it as simple as getting the first goal?

STEVE OTT: It's always nice to get your first goal, especially on these guys. I think they play a little different style when somebody scores first on them. For us, if we don't score first, it's still pushing the game and going after the next goal. I thought we still pushed the play a lot.  We definitely were in a different mode in the third period, mostly a hang on mode. Sometimes that's the way the game goes when you're up 2-1. All in all, I think we played a solid game and limited a lot of scoring chances.

Q.  How tough do these elimination games get?
STEVE OTT: It's extremely tough. Just to hang around and do it, it's tough. But I'm having a blast. We're down 3-2. We were down 3-0. I still am having just as much fun as if I was up 3-0 For us the pressure is still not on us. I think we're just going out there and have fun playing a hard structured game.

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