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Game 4 pregame quotes: Mike Modano

by Staff

Q. How is your head?
Q. Do you think you'll be in for Game 4?
Q. What do you have to do? We were talking out here, like if you make one mistake, they jump on it. But you can't have a process of we can't make mistakes and still have to try and be aggressive?
MIKE MODANO: Yeah, you can't get really probably caught up in too much thinking about: Well, if we make this mistake, we're going to pay for it. You just have to go out there with reckless abandon. If you do make a mistake, get back, recover, and cover for each other. So, yeah, hockey is a tough game to play a mistake free type game. Things move too fast. And things happen out there that are unpredictable, that you don't know what's going to happen. But how you adjust from them and how you recover from them is the big problem. And it could be a great answer for us. So we just have to do what we can to have a really strong 60 minutes, somehow contain and get a lead and hold onto it for a little longer than we have.
Q. What's the mood in the room? What's it like in there?
MIKE MODANO: It's fine. It's just like any other day. You win or lose, you can't get too high or too low. But you just have to stay on an even keel and just keep pushing forward. It's a tough situation. But we just have to focus on tomorrow. You can't get three games back in one. And we have to do everything that we can to put up a great effort.
Q. Is this desperation or aggressive hockey or combination of both?
MIKE MODANO: Handful of everything. Desperation, backs against the wall. Doing what we can to kind of survive to see another day. We've responded in those situations before in the past, where we've come up with great efforts. And all around, everybody is contributing. So we need everybody throughout the whole team. Special teams needs to be just something that can be a big factor for us, if we get that going.
Q. You talked yesterday about them maybe having the best five man units in the game. Talk about Zetterberg and Datsyuk, specifically, and what makes it so tough to play against them?
MIKE MODANO: Just a lot of things at a high tempo. They skate well. They do things on the fly. They're great in traffic. You think you have them covered or checked and they find ways to find the seams and they find each other. I would look for each other, if I had a pair like that looking on the ice, too. But they're pretty dynamic one on ones, but they check, and they're all over the ice. And they've proven why they're up for the Selke and they still score and find ways to win games by defending or scoring.
Q. When mistakes are made, how much is it them forcing you guys, how much do they force you guys into making, or is it just mistakes on your part, or do they have a hand in that?
MIKE MODANO: When we're at the top of our game, we feel we make team mistakes. We put them in high low percentage situations and make bad decisions with the puck, and then we seem to have it all the time. We did that against, for the most part, Anaheim and San Jose. And it feels like we're getting a little bit of a taste of our own medicine right now, where you feel you don't have much room, you don't have much space to operate or make plays. But the neutral zone is key for them, just like it is for us. And that's where we get our transition. That's where they get their transition, off mistakes, off turnovers, off guys trying to make plays in certain areas of the ice, that if you do turn it over, it's going to cost you.
Q. As a player who transformed from a really good offensive player to a solid two way player, how much respect do you have for Datsyuk, who came from Russia, is a scorer and now is a defensive stalwart?
MIKE MODANO: Yeah, it says a lot about how they're coached, how they're looked upon by their teammates or they're asked to do in different situations. And I think as you get older, you get more involved in the League. You're kind of put in situations or circumstances that ask you to be a good two way player. And checking, it's not as hard as everybody perceives it to be, but when you can add scoring to it, you are in all areas of the ice and all situations and that just makes you that much more of a difficult player to play against.
Q. You guys had the Sharks in the same situation 3 0, they came back, made a series of nothing. Anything to be gained here?
MIKE MODANO: [We] have just one left here at home and just have to get the win. That's what we discussed. That's what we're gearing ourselves for tomorrow, just to try to make this thing interesting. We do get on a roll and get some confidence going, get a little doubt in their mind, maybe, make it difficult. But we all know winning 4 is tough, but the 4th game is always the hardest to win.
Q. How much did you guys miss Stu and Jere the other night?
MIKE MODANO: Those guys are valuable guys. They bring a lot to the table. Like I said, they're very dependable and reliable type players in circumstances, in situations on the ice. But they make a big difference for our team. So they're missed, and we're just trying to find ways or personnel to step up and fill those holes.
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