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Game 2 Postgame Quotes: Mike Babcock @NHLdotcom
Q.  Can you comment on Gary Roberts on Franzen, please?

COACH MIKE BABCOCK: I haven't seen it. I heard he didn't have the puck, and I heard he tried to sock him in the head. I didn't see it, so it's hard for me to comment.

Q.  With Franzen being able to play, can you talk about the plan you had for him and how much you wanted to play him? And he sure did get a lot of ice time today.
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: I didn't have a plan. I was just going to play him. He's fine. He's in good shape. And we didn't worry much about that. They didn't use that many people. It made it hard for us to use our fourth line tonight. But that's the way it goes. We got a good effort, found a way to win.

Q.  Weird question, can your team play any better?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: We're going to play better  We've been a good road team all year. We're going to have a real good game in Pittsburgh. And we're excited to get on the road. And sometimes at home, when you're matching all the time, it disrupts your flow a little bit. We can get to Pittsburgh and let the guys just go, let them go out the door and play hard. And we feel we can be better. We thought when we got up 2 0, we kind of got a little cautious, instead of staying and going after them. But we'll be better next game.

Q.  Can you talk about how much the experience you had against Dallas may be a benefit heading forward in this series?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: Well, I think in any series that you play real good teams. I mean, we've been fortunate, we've played three really good teams who played real hard against us. And finding a way to win, I think, is important. But we were in the same situation here against Nashville, we were up 2 0, went for their building, didn't win. Last year went to Calgary 2 0, didn't win. So you gotta find a way to win the next game. Game 1 was the biggest game when we were playing. Game 2. And now obviously Game 3 is the biggest game.

Q.  Did that first part of the first period really set the tone for the whole night? I think they went 12 or 13 minutes before they got their first shot.
We wanted to come out and get going here tonight. And we didn't think we did that last game. We thought we were nervous. And tonight I thought we were a little bit better in that area. And we got some timely goals.

Q.  Because they didn't get any shots on goal, Ozzie was sitting there for half a period. Then all of a sudden they had a flurry on that power play three straight there. Can you talk, he's been phenomenal at the thing that goaltenders supposedly fear the most?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: He's been real good. We didn't give up a bunch. But when we did with Staal, we turned - Lilja fell down and Staal walked down the pipe. We ended up missing the net. He was obviously in a good spot. He made some good saves for us. He knows he's not going to get a ton of rubber, but the rubber he does get, he's got to be there for. And I think he's playing well, and I think our team is.

Q.  Are you surprised that you defensively have been able to shut them down the way you have?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: I don't know about surprised. All year long we've done a pretty good job defensively. We had the least close games in the National Hockey League. That doesn't happen by accident. That's over 82 games. We have committed people that way, and we feel we have a pretty good plan and our plan is simple. We like to play on offense. So the faster and better you play defense, the more time you have the puck.

Q.  Pittsburgh's talking about having to get in on your defense, get on the forecheck, make them turn it over. The same thing we've heard from every team you've played. Why doesn't it happen? What do you do that prevents it?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: Good thing about is I don't have to coach their team, I only have to coach mine. I don't have to come up with that solution. We've got good "D", and I think our forwards get back in a hurry and we try to get it going. We knew they were going to try to lay it in more in this game, and we thought that was to our advantage. The more they give up possession, the more we're going to have it.

Q.  Is it a good thing or a bad thing when Pavel is running through the defense of some of the other guys on the ice?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: Well, I guess the way our team's built is we don't have as many North America guys that would be dropping their gloves and fighting right there. The way we try to do it is we try to play as hard as we can between the whistles, and we try to shoot the puck in the net when you take penalties. And to me, we just try to keep our poise and play. And the stuff after the whistle and all that, that's not going to win us any games. Between the whistles is. And we're just going to try to continue to play the way our team's built to play.

Q.  As a coach, obviously you come into the series expecting to win, but you couldn't possibly have expected to have back to back shutouts in the first two games, right?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: No, but we were hoping to have back to back wins. When you see it in the NBA, no one wins on the road at all.  I think it's real important you look after home ice.  Nothing's happening in a series until you've won on the road, after you've looked after business at home.  So they're going to get regrouped and they're going to have their best effort and we gotta have our best effort in Game 3.

Q.  You're keeping Malkin out of the game -  Malkin, zero shots. His whole line, zero shots in this whole game. Do your star players get up for playing against these star players that they don't usually get a chance to play?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK: I don't know if they're getting up for it anymore than they would against anybody else. It's the Stanley Cup Final. It's an opportunity of a lifetime. You gotta be jacked up to play, and it's pretty evident who - Malkin is up for the MVP of the League. It's evident that him and Crosby and Staal, and you can go through a lot of the forwards, are really talented people. So we have to shut those people down if we're going to be successful.
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