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Game 1 postgame quotes: Sidney Crosby

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Q.  Sidney, you knew you were going to see a lot of [Henrik] Zetterberg tonight.  In your estimation, why were they were able to be successful against your line in particular tonight?

SIDNEY CROSBY:  I probably had some chances early on, and they played tight.  I don't think they had a lot against us either.  I think both lines did a pretty good job of battling and limiting chances, but on the goals that they scored, really, we just made a few mistakes.

Q.  Is it fair to say that you guys haven't seen a team that plays the game this way and this well yet in the playoffs?

SIDNEY CROSBY:  Yeah, they're a good hockey team.  They play tight.  I don't think we came here expecting an easy series.  For sure they played a tight checking game.  But that's playoff hockey.  You still have to find ways around that.

And for us, we all have more success when we moved our feet.  In the second period we didn't do that a whole lot.  So make sure we do a better job getting the puck forward and moving our feet a little more?

Q.  Sid, do you have to chip the puck in to beat this team

SIDNEY CROSBY:  Yeah, I think so.  You know, I think we have a lot of speed.  And either we're going to get the puck back or they're going to have to get called for penalties.  There's no other way.

I mean it doesn't matter who we play, if we use our speed, we're going to create things, whether it's penalties or chances, either/or it's going to help us?

Q.  Did you do that enough tonight?

SIDNEY CROSBY:  When we did it, we saw some good results.  And hopefully when we do, if they're holding us up that we get those calls, because if we're moving our feet we deserve opportunities or deserve calls.

Q.  What did you think about your first performance in a Stanley Cup Final?

SIDNEY CROSBY:  I felt really good.  You have to really execute.  That's the main thing.  Tight games like this, had a few chances, and then go in.  But that's the difference between executing and not executing, it's the difference in a hockey game.  You have to make sure we're right here on the net.  And few pucks are bouncing around the crease, they don't quite bounce to guys.  And that's what happens sometimes?

Q.  You talk about the physicality out there, seems like Detroit had a bulls eye on you, which you probably expected was going to happen, but [Niklas] Kronwall especially, and other guys going after you?

SIDNEY CROSBY:  That's playoff hockey.  I don't expect it to be easy and skate around there freely.  That's hockey.  And I expect that and that's part of the game, and I don't think that's changed.
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