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Fuhr counts Kiprusoff among current favorite goalies

by Dan Rosen

LAS VEGAS -- Edmonton fans may not like it too much, but one of Grant Fuhr's favorite goalies to watch in today's NHL is still Calgary's Miikka Kiprusoff.

"I think he gives Calgary a chance every night," the Hall of Fame goalie from Edmonton told Monday from the 11th annual Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp. "You watch most nights and they give up a lot of scoring chances, but he gives them an opportunity every night."

Fuhr, who stays involved with the Oilers doing community relations work, also talked about four other current goalies he admires, starting with another Northwest Division rival, at least for now.

"I still like Roberto Luongo," he said. "Everybody else seems to be down on him a little bit, but I think he's a great goalie. He can be that difference. He's in a tough boat right now. It's unfortunate, but it's a tough spot to be in. But, he's a class guy and he's a great goalie. People may not think that, but he's still got all the talent in the world."

Fuhr said the same thing about Philadelphia goalie Ilya Bryzgalov.

"All the talent in the world, but people look at the outside, what he projects," Fuhr said. "Bryz has as much skill as anybody I have ever seen, but sometimes the outside world gets in the way."

The other two goalies he spoke about are from the younger generation.

"Jonathan Quick was fun to watch last year. He had a great run," Fuhr said. "It's fun because he's a small goalie. Most of these guys now are 6-3 or 6-4. It's fun to watch the smaller guys. He's a busy goalie, but it's fun to watch him.

"Kari Lehtonen is also fun to watch. His biggest thing is staying healthy, but he's a great talent. He's gotta stay healthy. That's the hard part for him."

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