End-of-decade lists are getting out of hand

by Paul Kukla / NHL.com
I am so looking forward to 2010 for one simple reason -- No More Lists! Lately, everyone and his brother has written some type of list and I appeal to all, No More Lists, please.

Is there some kind of unwritten rule that lists must be produced at the end or a year, or worse yet, at the end of a decade?

What's next, Top 10 Players named Sidney? Maybe the Top Hot Dogs Served in a Hockey Arena? Or the Top 10 Puck Manufacturers?

Enough, I don't need any more lists. Heck, I can barely remember what happened yesterday and now all these lists that have appeared recently want me to remember something from nine years ago?

We've had the best saves by goalies, best saves by non-goalies, best and worst sweaters (jerseys),   How about the best playoff series, the best quotes, the best coaches, general managers and players.

I continue - The best hockey commercials and the worst fights along with the best fights. How about the weirdest things to happen on the ice in the last ten years? Yes there was a list for that.

Moving along, how about the best right winger, the best left winger, center, defensemen and goalie. Somehow, the best on the fly line change or best right winger to wear a size 10 skate has not had a list yet, but we still have a few more days before these lists thankfully stop.

I have people sending me their best of…, people calling me asking if I want to be a contributor for the best of… and now when I go grocery shopping, I stare at certain products, wondering if it is the best.

You see, I have had the best shoved down my throat and I am done with it.

The only best of list that matters to me is the team that lifts the Stanley Cup in June. Then they are
the best, at least for another year.

I Have Failed

If you are a regular reader of my blog here at NHL.com, you know for the past three months I have had two female tenants move into my home. Both were hockey illiterate, meaning they basically knew nothing about our game. Sure they recognized the name of Gretzky, but that is about as far as it went.

I have tried to convert them into being a casual hockey fan, but their lack of interest has me re-thinking my game plan.

We made plans to attend an NHL game, but that plan fell through. I have sat them down in front of the TV to watch a game but the only thing that really interests them are fights and what a player looks like if they take their helmet off.

One of the girls moves back to Flint tomorrow to attend school, but will be back in April so maybe the excitement of the playoffs will attract her to the game.

The other girl is in California to visit her family and returns in early January and my plan for her is a surprise attack. Just put her in the car and head to the Joe Louis Arena for a hockey game. Maybe seeing the game in person will be the catalyst. If she likes the live action, maybe she will speak with the other girl and tell her how exciting the game really is.

If not, I am stuck and don't know what action I will take, but I do know this, I won't give up. I am determined to turn these two women into hockey fans.

Any suggestions you may have are more than welcomed. You can reach me at pk@kuklaskorner.com.

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Have a great week and please be careful when celebrating the New Year.