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Chillin' with... Zach Parise

by Dan Rosen

What's on your iPod now?"I have everything. There is probably nothing I don't have. I have everything from country to Pearl Jam and Metallica."

What are your favorite websites?"I don't know. I don't go on the Internet that often unless it's to check my e-mail or check the scores in the game. My e-mail is on Hotmail."

Who would play you in a movie about your life?"Um, maybe Denzel Washington (laughs). He's a good actor (more laughs)."

Do you cook, order in or go out?"We go on the road so much so I like to eat at home when I'm at home. From being on the road, I get kind of sick of going to restaurants. I do a little bit of cooking, but my girlfriend does more than I do. I don't really like to order out."

Favorite TV show?"South Park, 24, Lost. I don't watch too much TV, but I get hooked into shows that I love to watch. When 24 came back on, I'm making sure I'm watching it"

Favorite movie?"BASEketball and Youngblood. I really like that one, Youngblood."

What Hollywood starlette would you go out with?"Oh, right now it might be Blake Lively."

Favorite sports team of all time (excluding your team)?"You know, that's a good one. It's a really good question for me. I grew up rooting for the North Stars, but they never won. I guess I could go with them. They had great uniforms, too."

Favorite sports figure of all time (excluding yourself)?"I got to go with Tiger (Woods). I love Tiger. I love watching him. I think the intensity he brings to the game, that's why he's the best. He's unbelievable."

Tell me a little something about your hometown of Bloomington, Minn.?"It's a great hockey place, Bloomington. A lot of good players came out of there. I mean, high school hockey is big in Minnesota. ... It's just a great place to be."

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