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Chillin' with... Joe Corvo

by Mike G. Morreale

What's on your iPod now?"I don't really listen to my Ipod a lot, but I'm always tuned in to a station on Sirius Satellite radio called 'Area' that offers mainstream and underground club dance music. I don't know if I really would like to admit that because I know a lot of guys don't like it, but I do."

What are your favorite websites?"Probably ebay. I bought a '65 Lincoln Continental on there, so I'm usually on there looking for parts and stuff. I'm also looking into buying a Lamborghini Gallardo, so I'm pricing them on ebay as well. Other than that, every Tuesday, I log on to iTunes to find out what's new. "

Who would play you in a movie about your life?"I don't know why, but a lot of guys think I look like Chris Klein. He would probably make me look pretty good out there on the big screen."

Do you cook, order in or go out?"Well, actually, it's probably 50-50 between eating in and eating out. My wife is a phenomenal cook and makes great salads. We have two kids so that's probably the biggest reason why we don't eat out all the time. I feel you're not always getting the best nutrition eating out anyway."

Favorite TV show?"Family Guy. I already did the whole Seinfeld thing. I think I watched Seinfeld reruns for three years straight, so now it's Family Guy."

Favorite movie?"The Dark Knight."

What Hollywood starlette would you go out with?"How about Milla Jovovich? She's a little older so she knows how to treat a guy."

Favorite sports team of all time (excluding your team)?"It pains me to say, but probably the Chicago Cubs. I was always kind of mesmerized by the emblem of the Chicago Blackhawks, but now that I play hockey, it's kind of worn on me. With baseball, I just keep wishing the Cubs would just bring one home."

Favorite sports figure of all time (excluding yourself)?"I grew up watching the Chicago Bulls win a lot of championships and thought Michael Jordan was unbelievable back then. I had two pairs of Air Jordans when they first came out -- one black and one white. And then every year after that, I bought a new pair."
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