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Chillin' with ... Dan Girardi

by Dan Rosen /

What's on your iPod now? "I'd say a really, really good mix of everything. Everything from techno, country, rock, rap and some oldies are on there. I like a little bit of everything. I have about 2,500 songs right now and a couple of TV shows on there."

What are your favorite web-sites? "My hotmail account, and definitely my bank account. Car websites, too. I like looking at cars."

Who would play you in a movie about your life? "Um, that's a good question. You're right on the spot. I like that. I have to think of a young … you know, I don't know. I just can't think of that one. I couldn't pick one if my life depended on it. Maybe if I had a couple of days I could think of one, but I can't think of one right on the spot."

Do you eat in, order in or go out? "I'd say about 50-50 there. I do like to have some home cooked meals in my apartment, but at the same time I do like ordering out. If I get takeout it's either pizza or Chinese food."

Favorite TV show? "Family Guy."

Favorite movie? "Super Troopers. No matter how old I get I'm going to watch that movie and laugh."

What Hollywood starlette would you go out with? "That's a tough one. You know what, I'd say Jessica Simpson. My girlfriend likes her so it's all good."

Favorite sports team of all time (excluding your team)? "The Leafs. I grew up watching them. Probably the Blue Jays when they were winning in 1993 and 1994, but it's always been the Leafs ... until the Rangers."

Favorite sports figure of all time (excluding yourself)? "Tiger Woods. His overall focus on his own game. He takes so much pride in his practice and even though he's the best player in the world by far he's probably out there the longest on the range. His mental toughness is really strong."

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