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CBJ @ FLA - 13:08 of the Third Period @NHL

At 13:08 of the third period in the Columbus Blue Jackets/Florida Panthers game, the Situation Room initiated a video review to further examine a play at the Columbus net. Video review confirmed the referee's call on the ice that Sean Bergenheim's stick was at or below the level of the crossbar when he deflected the puck into the net. According to Rule 38.4 (vi) "The determining factor is where the puck makes contact with the stick in relation to the crossbar. If the puck makes contact with the portion of the stick that is at or below the level of the crossbar and enters the goal, this goal shall be allowed". Good goal Florida.

Since there was a delayed double-minor penalty to Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson before the puck crossed the goal line, the goal erases the first two minutes and Johnson serves only two minutes. According to Rule 18.2 "When a double-minor penalty has been signaled by the Referee and the non-offending team scores during the delay, one of the minor penalties shall be washed out and the penalized player will serve the remaining two minutes of the double-minor penalty."

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