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Bruins GM not unhappy with No. 2 pick

by John Kreiser
For someone who didn't win the lottery, Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli was a pretty happy guy.

Chiarelli's team stayed in the second position in the NHL Entry Draft when the Edmonton Oilers won the LG NHL 2010 Draft Lottery on Tuesday. But in a draft with two premier talents -- Ontario Hockey League forwards Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall -- Chiarelli said he'd be delighted to get whichever player the Oilers leave behind.

"I'm excited to get that pick," he said during a conference call after the lottery. "It means that we're going to get an impactful offensive forward.

"As far as our preference right now, we're still undecided -- but we're going to get either Taylor Hall or  Tyler Seguin, and both are very good offensive forwards."

That's not to say there aren't differences between the two.

"Tyler Seguin is a right-shot center who can play both wings -- I've seen him play both wings," Chiarelli said. " He's got a terrific wrist shot, a terrific release. He's got dynamic speed and playmaking ability. I've said before that he's a cross between a (Steven) Stamkos and a (Pat) LaFontaine. I understand that's pretty lofty company, but he's a terrific young offensive player.

In the context of where he fits on our team, he can play all three forward positions. He's a natural center, but he's skilled enough and fast enough to play both sides. He's got a terrific wrist shot and release.

"Taylor Hall is bigger, heavier -- I think he's 12 or 13 pounds heavier. He plays a more prototypical power forward game. He's a left shot but can play both sides. He has a good one-timer, really likes to drive the net, protects the puck well, cycles well. Seguin is probably a little quicker, but Hall is a tremendous leader and a very powerful skater. He can play both sides also."

One thing Chiarelli said he didn't anticipate doing was trading the No. 2 pick if one player or the other was selected.

"They are so close that I would be very content with the other one, whoever Edmonton picks," he said. "I'm excited that we're in this slot. I'll be very excited to get either of these players. In all likelihood, I won't be trading this pick."

The Bruins were the only team with a shot at the No. 1 pick that made the playoffs this season. Despite that, Chiarelli said he felt either one could be in the League next season.

"They project as impact players," he said. "They are both very, very good offensive players that will make a difference in the sense that you're adding a good offensive forward to your team. These two players are very exciting

"I could see both these players in the NHL next year. I don't know if they'll be immediately impactful -- they have to get their feet wet. I feel they'll contribute on the top three lines, They both compete, which is nice. They are both very good defensively, but first and foremost, their forte is on the offensive side of the puck."

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