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AHL extends test of new icing rule @NHL

The American Hockey League announced Tuesday the league's Board of Governors has voted to continue the current test of AHL Rule 82 (?Icing?) until the resumption of play in the National Hockey League, at which time it will be reconsidered by the AHL Board.

At the request of the NHL, the AHL Board of Governors in June approved a test of a variation of Rule 82 that, in the event of a potential icing violation, completes the play should a defending player be the first to reach the end zone faceoff dots and provided the puck will cross the goal line at that point.

The test of the rule, known as hybrid icing, had originally been in effect until Nov. 19, at which time the Board was to consider its continuation.

The current NHL rule requires the puck to be touched by a player before icing is called.

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