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Turning Over a New Leaf in 2009...

by Mike Ulmer / Toronto Maple Leafs

If I’m Vesa Toskala I’m making a New Year's resolution.

I will not give up a goal on the first shot.

Toskala has been beaten by the first shot in four of the last five games which, you know, is probably at least one too many.

I know it’s too early for New Year’s resolutions. But if you decide you are going to start doing the right thing, why continue to do the wrong thing until your deadline?

That’s why these sorts of things are welcome any time. 

What would happen if one of your kids announced he would begin bathing regularly… on Jan. 1, 2010. 

I think you’d say “son, we just buried the dog. Wouldn’t you like to hit the showers a little sooner?” 

And so we have a list of resolutions for some past and present Leafs.

Mats Sundin: I will make up my mind where I am going to play. Then I will tell people so I can’t change my mind. I will do so right away. 

Ryan Hollweg: I will not shave my mustache. I might even wax it. I need an edge and there is nothing like constant ridicule to make a player ill-tempered. 

Jaime Sifers: I will just seek to match what I accomplished in my first-ever NHL game on Monday. That means I will play 54 games, finish plus 54 and generate 162 shots on goal. 

Jonas Frogren: I will pad myself up like the Michelin Float at the Thanksgiving Parade to avoid further injury. 

Luke Schenn: I will remember to buy a tux because I will need something sharp for my moment on camera when they announce the rookie of the year winner.

Ian White: I will follow up on the fantastic success I have enjoyed shifting from forward to defence and back. I would make every piece of clothing I owned reversible. You can never tell when you’ll have to change.
Matt Stajan & Jason Blake:
We will enjoy the occasional night in the press box. It worked wonders for us.

John Mitchell: I will reach the opposing crease on time and in a bad mood.

Lee Stempniak: I will change my name, which people are constantly misspelling. I will instead be known as Leonard Stempniak.
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