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The Leafs On Mats, Teammates Through The Years

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs
"Compiled March 11, 2003

- 230 different teammates
584 Tie Domi
495 Dmitry Yushkevich
348 Sergei Berezin
340 Tomas Kaberle
310 Joe Sakic
292 Steven Finn
290 Igor Korolev
293 Jonas Hoglund
284 Alyn McCauley
278 Garry Valk
266 Craig Wolanin
261 Jamie Macoun
255 Alexei Gusarov
247 Curtis Leschyshyn
246 Felix Potvin
243 Curtis Joseph
239 Todd Warriner
241 Darcy Tucker
231 Darby Hendrickson
220 Claude Lapointe
217 Mike Johnson
217 Fredrik Modin
212 Owen Nolan
213 Bryan McCabe
207 Steve Thomas
197 Mike Hough
191 Danny Markov
187 Shayne Corson
185 Kris King
179 Doug Gilmour
175 Nik Antropov
168 Adam Foote
166 Mike Craig
163 Dave Ellett
162 Jason Smith
163 Gary Roberts
159 Derek King
158 Mike Ricci
154 Scott Young
153 Cory Cross
150 Steve Sullivan
150 Tony Twist
149 Aki Berg
145 Larry Murphy
144 Wendel Clark
141 Jamie Baker
139 Travis Green
137 Yanic Perreault
137 Martin Rucinsky
136 Alon Marcovici
137 Robert Reichel
135 Andrei Kovalenko
132 Rob Zettler
130 Valeri Kamensky
123 Mikael Renberg
117 Randy Velischek
116 Alexander Karpovtsev
114 Todd Gill
114 Mike Gartner
114 Mathieu Schneider
119 Alexander Mogilny
111 Stephane Fiset
111 Wade Belak
103 Dave Andreychuk
100 Kirk Muller
103 Jyrki Lumme
95 Bryan Berard
94 Sylvain Cote
93 Mikhail Tatarinov
89 Randy Wood
87 Dave Manson
86 Ron Tugnutt
84 Kenny Jonsson
83 Scott Pearson
82 Gino Cavallini
80 Greg Paslawski
79 Steve Duchesne
78 Yannick Tremblay
78 Garth Butcher
78 Stephane Morin
77 Herb Raglan
76 Kerry Huffman
76 David Karpa
76 Dmitri Khristich
70 Tony Hrkac
65 Bryan Fogarty
64 Bill Lindsay
62 Glenn Healy
61 Matt Martin
60 Iain Fraser
59 Guy Lafleur
59 Claude Loiselle
58 Jacques Cloutier
59 Robert Svehla
58 Kevyn Adams
57 Ken Baumgartner
55 Chris McAllister
53 Bill Berg
53 Marc Fortier
52 Benoit Hogue
52 Chris Simon
52 Nick Kypreos
51 Ron Hextall
50 Sergio Momesso
50 Tony McKegney
49 Paul Gillis
49 Kip Miller
49 Brandon Convery
48 Nathan Dempsey
48 Mike McKee
51 Tom Fitzgerald
47 Mike Ridley
48 Paul Healey
46 Doug Smail
45 Tim Hunter
44 Paul MacDermid
44 Mark Vermette
40 Michael McNeill
39 Karel Pilar
39 Joe Cirella
37 Bob Bassen
37 Ron Sutter
37 Chris Lindberg
36 Anders Eriksson
35 Darin Kimble
43 Ed Belfour
35 Kent Manderville
35 Mike Eastwood
32 Dmitri Mironov
32 Paul DiPietro
32 Greg Smyth
33 Alexei Ponikarovsky
31 Shawn Anderson
31 Martin Gelinas
30 Corey Schwab
30 David Cooper
29 Dan Lambert
29 Jocelyn Thibault
29 Everett Sanipass
29 Martin Prochazka
28 Wayne Van Dorp
28 Zdenek Nedved
29 Ric Jackman
27 Dave Gagner
26 Gerald Diduck
25 Warren Rychel
25 Jamie Heward
24 Drake Berehowsky
24 Adam Mair
23 Mark Kolesar
23 Mike Hudson
23 Damian Rhodes
23 Kelly Fairchild
22 Dixon Ward
22 Per Gustafsson
22 Ken McRae
22 Tommy Sjodin
20 Aaron Broten
20 John Tanner
19 Ken Quinney
19 Jeff Brown
19 Michel Petit
19 John Tonelli
18 Petr Svoboda
18 Dallas Eakins
18 Nikolai Borschevsky
18 Terry Yake
18 John Kordic
17 Reggie Savage
17 Rich Sutter
17 Wayne Presley
16 Daniel Vincelette
16 Ladislav Kohn
15 Marcel Cousineau
15 Jeff Ware
15 Tom Pederson
14 Lucien DeBlois
14 Jason Podollan
13 Lonny Bohonos
13 Mike Kennedy
13 Scott Gordon
14 Trevor Kidd
12 Mario Doyon
11 D.J. Smith
11 Brad Werenka
11 Jon Klemm
10 Don Beaupre
10 Jeff Jackson
10 Grant Jennings
9 Rene Corbet
9 Serge Roberge
8 Greg Andrusak
8 Jeff Farkas
7 Ed Ward
6 Andy Rymsha
6 Alain Cote
5 Josh Holden
5 David Marcinyshyn
5 Kevin Kaminski
5 John Craighead
5 Garth Snow
4 Leonard Esau
4 Tom Barrasso
4 Bruce Major
4 Dwayne Norris
3 Ralph Intranuovo
3 Brian Wiseman
3 Shayne Toporowski
3 Kevin Dahl
3 Don MacLean
3 Mikael Tellqvist
3 Ken Belanger
2 Kelly Chase
2 David Harlock
2 Don Barber
2 Stephan Charbonneau
2 Aaron Gavey
2 Jeff Reese
2 Dmitri Yakushin
2 Marc Moro
2 Carlo Colaiacovo
1 Centomo, Sebastien
1 Bob Wren
1 Mike Hurlbut
1 Harold Druken
1 Peter White
1 Paxton Schulte
1 David Latta
1 Sean Haggerty
1 Daniel Dore
1 Aaron Miller
1 Glen Wesley

Photo "I've been very fortunate with injuries and everything and had a healthy career," Mats Sundin

Photo "It's not about him at all. He wants his teammates to do well and he knows that by them doing well and by him representing them. If they do well he'll do well. That's what teamwork is." Pat Quinn

Photo "I don't think I have a 1000 points in practice. It's an incredible feat to do that, especially in the best league in the world. To see a guy like Mats do it, a good character guy, a great team guy. I wish him all the best with it and hopefully he can keep it going." Wade Belak -- Leafs' heavy metal enthusiast

Photo "Obviously, it shows the skill of the player and the longevity of the player. You don't really know how good a player is until you play with him and practice with him everyday. It doesn't surprise me that he's in that caliber at all. There's only 15-10% of the guys in the league or one or two on each team that are that skilled. It's a joy to watch everyday. You add skill and size together and you have a pretty impressive player. I think he's a special guy and we're lucky to have him." Travis Green

Photo "Well he's an unbelievable player. To get 1000 points, that's unbelievable. There's not too many guys that can do that. (asked how loved he is in Sweden) Well he's well hated in Finland that's for sure. Because in all the National games he's been so dominant, unbelievable player. I knew playing against him that he's an great player, but he's a great guy too. Playing a few games with him every year you know that he's good, but seeing it everyday, he's not getting enough credit for what he's doing. He takes a lot of abuse being a big guy he's always playing up against the top defencemen big guys trying to hit him and he's still able to take the hits and make the plays. He doesn't back away from any hits. He's a big strong man with quick hands. For a big guy like that he's got unbelievable quickness. Helluva player." Jyrki Lumme

Photo "I'll be happy for him. He will have 1000 points in under 1000 games so that's huge for him. If I do someday reach 1000 points myself I'll be more happy than I am for him right now (laughs)." Nik Antropov

Photo "I've been here three years and seen us battle through the playoffs. I have a lot of respect for Mats. I think he battles hard, he's a big man. Because he's such a big guy, I think he doesn't get a lot of the calls he should get. He's a solid leader, a great captain. I can't say enough about him. It's been a treat for me playing with him. I used hate playing against him. We used to always yell at each other. He used to call me a plumber and all always used to call him a (pansy)-Swede. We used to always have it out and he claims, he beat me up once, but I don't think he ever dropped his gloves, he just elbowed me in the head one night and cut me. So we have a lot of back and fourth, but it's definitely been an honour for me to play with him and see the way he does carry himself on and off the ice. He has the respect of his teammates and definitely comes to play. It's a big accomplishment. You play a long time to get 1000 points and you have to have some pretty successful seasons." Gary Roberts

Photo "I think it's nice to be part of it, part of his career more than anybody, but more importantly how he's developed as a person on and off the ice, his maturity and his leadership. He's like my brother now. He and my wife are like brother and sister, and I'm very close with Tina, his girlfriend. My kids love him and we have a special bond there for sure. We been close for a long time and it's going to be quite special and emotional." Tie Domi

Photo "It's a big achievement in this league. He's been playing a long time here and it's a great achievement. It means a lot, I'm not sure how much it means to him, but I'm sure it means a lot. You can see how dominant he is out there. He's big and strong on the puck. He's got a good scoring touch. He's got game." Alex Mogilny

Photo "He's a great person and a great player. Mats is a classy individual and this achievement is something special. He's as well respected in the community as he is in this locker room." Ric Jackman

Photo "Mats has really been great for a long time. He also has a lot left in him and he competes hard every night. That's how he reached 1000 points and it's something for Mats to be proud of. Mats is good to his teammates and good to everyone. That's why he deserves everything he gets." Shayne Corson


Johnny Gottselig - 371 NHL career pts.
(Born in Odessa, Russia, raised in Canada)
Chicago Black Hawks

Stan Mikita - 1476 NHL career pts.
(Sokolce, Czechoslovakia, raised in Canada)
Chicago Blackhawks
1975-76(co-captain - Pit Martin); 1976-77 (tri-captain - - Pit Martin, Keith Magnuson)

Lars-Erik Sjoberg - 48 NHL career pts.
(Falun, Sweden)
Winnipeg Jets

Walt Tkaczuk - 678 NHL career pts.
(Emstedetten, Germany, emigrated to Ontario at age two)
New York Rangers
1980-81 (tri-captain - - Dave Maloney, Barry Beck)

Peter Stastny - 1239 NHL career pts.
(Bratislava, Czechoslovakia)
Quebec Nordiques
1985-86 (co-captain - - Mario Marois); 1986-1990 (Solo)

Thomas Steen - 817 NHL career pts.
(Grums, Sweden)
Winnipeg Jets
1989-1990 (tri-captain - - Randy Carlyle, Dale Hawerchuk); 1990-91 (co-captain - - Randy Carlyle)

Alexander Mogilny - 965 NHL career pts.
(Khabarovsk, USSR)
Buffalo Sabres
1993-94 (co-captain - - Pat LaFontaine)

Teemu Selanne - 907 NHL career pts.
(Helsinki, Finland)
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
1997-98 (co-captain - - Paul Kariya)

Mikael Renberg - 435 NHL career pts.
(Pitea, Sweden)
Tampa Bay Lightning
1997-98 (co-captain - - Paul Ysebaert)

*Mats Sundin - 1000 NHL career pts.
(Bromma, Sweden)
Toronto Maple Leafs
1997 - Present

Alexei Yashin - 611 NHL career pts.
(Sverdolovsk, USSR)
Ottawa Senators

Jaromir Jagr - 1227 NHL career pts.
(Kladno, Czechoslovakia)
Pittsburgh Penguins

Owen Nolan - 675 NHL career pts.
(Belfast, Ireland raised in Canada)
San Jose Sharks
1998 - 2003

*Saku Koivu - 328 NHL career pts.
(Turku, Finland)
Montreal Canadiens
1999 - Present

*Daniel Alfredsson - 475 NHL career pts.
(Goteborg, Sweden)
Ottawa Senators
1999 - Present

*Markus Naslund - 524 NHL career pts.
(Ornskoldsvik, Sweden)
Vancouver Canucks
2000 - Present

Pavel Bure - 775 NHL career pts.
(Moscow, Russia)
Florida Panthers

Filip Kuba - 80 NHL career pts.
(Ostrava, Czechoslovakia)
Minnesota Wild
2001-02 (quad-captain - - Brad Brown, Andrew Brunette, Jim Dowd)

*Mattias Norstrom - 98 NHL career pts.
(Stockholm, Sweden)
Los Angeles Kings
2001 - Present

*Teppo Numminen - 524 NHL career pts.
(Tampere, Finland)
Phoenix Coyotes
2001 - Present

*Vyacheslav Kozlov - 484 NHL career pts.
(Voskresensk, USSR); Uwe Krupp (Cologne, W. Germany)
Atlanta Thrashers
2002-03 (Rotating Captaincy - - Shawn McEachern, Jeff Odgers)

*Alexei Zhamnov - 598 NHL career pts.
(Moscow, USSR)
Chicago Blackhawks
2002-03 (Rotating Captaincy - - Phil Housely, Jon Klemm, Lyle Odelein, Steve Thomas)

* - presently serving as captain.
All totals, but Sundin as of Feb. 26" features
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