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Pat Quinn talks about Leafs moves

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs
Pat Quinn says he'll make more changes to the team.


The Leafs general manager and head coach Pat Quinn was contacted by phone during the press conference, which announced the signing of Ed Belfour as the team's newest goalie.

Below are some of his comments:

On Curtis Joseph's departure and signing of Ed Belfour?

"It became evident that Curtis was not prepared to stay, the first priority was to get a goaltender that we felt could play at the high levels."

Why were you hesitant to add a fourth year to the Joseph offer?

"A lot of it has to do with the potential for upcoming collective bargaining. We don't know where that's going to go and running out four years was a bit of a problem with anybody. We did it with Mats a year ago but we didn't want to get into a spot where we had too many people in long-term situations, including a goaltender of Curtis's stature. In fact it had less to do with age than other factors."

Did the Olympics cause a rift between you and Joseph?

"What may have put a little strain on it but we resolved that as far as discussion anyway, was the process of the Olympics. It didn't work out the way I wanted it to if I had my druthers and the way he wanted to as being the goaltender of record. That's the only glitch we've had in our relationship. I think Curtis is a terrific young man. My feelings went beyond just being player/coach, I held him in very high esteem. All that was being said was like a lot that happens, little guesses or people read something into it or they percieve 'Oh he must have been cheesed at this or that' but the real bottom line was that there was not a problem."

Why Belfour as a replacement?

"I've admired his competitive instincts, watched him win a Cup and watched him outduel other goaltenders in playoff time."

Did getting to know Belfour as part of Team Canada help in your decision?

"In fact the whole process of making the selections for the Olympics, we discussed all of the top Canadian goaltenders at length. (Former Stars coach Ken) Hitchcock spoke particularly highly of his goaltender as a competitor, as a guy who in the big games was the guy he wanted in the net."

What was Belfour's attitude like at the Olympics considering he was designated the third goalie?

"He said he'd relish the opportunity to go and it didn't matter what he'd do, he'd carry the buckets if he had to to be involved in the Olympic team. His attitude there was outstanding. In fact I came very close to playing him in game three."

Do you have any concerns about problems Belfour's had in the past?

"I don't have concerns in that regard. There are some events that I'm sure he would like to have out of his mind or your recollection. I think that occurs with a lot of people in life. He's a commited young man who's recently married and I think that we all get reminded of our past foilbles, it's baggage that he's left behind."
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