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My Thoughts are With Jason Blake

by Joe Bowen / Toronto Maple Leafs
The word cancer scares the hell out of everyone. 

Jason Blake heard that word a few days ago and as he told me it "buckled his knees" like no other hit he has ever taken in hockey.  After the doctors informed him he had a kind of Leukemia his mind went blank and despite being informed it was treatable and the prognosis was good he told the doctors he really hadn't heard a word they said after the word "cancer".
Jason isn't alone, many of us have had to hear that word from a doctor and, fortunately for many of us, the following information was good.

Jason has a great family to lean on in that Maple Leaf dressing room, a great support system at home, as well as the support of Leafs fans everywhere.
For the last seven years I have been selling "Holy Mackinaw" t-shirts  with proceeds going to the UFCW Leukemia Research Fund.

I think over that time we have raised about $40,000.  Last year the Broadcaster Bottle Drive with the Beer Store netted $1/2 million.  I like to think that some of that money went to help find the "Magic Bullet" pill that Jason Blake is now taking to combat his strain of Leukemia.
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