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LeafSpace Bulletin

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs
Dear Leafspace Fans and Users,

After five seasons, thousands of videos, blog posts, photos and dozens of episodes on Leafs TV, Leafspace is coming to an end.

The concept of having you, our most passionate fans, contributing to our programming both on Leafs TV and online, is a huge part of who we are. We will continue to highlight your best stuff on Leafs TV, as well as and our other social spaces.

But for now, we’re sure you have a few questions.

Why was this decision made?

Over the last few seasons, we’ve seen more and more of the fan interactions that were previously taking place on, migrate to more mainstream social sites such as facebook, Twitter, and of course Youtube. So we have made the decision to concentrate more of our resources in those spaces and creating the best social experience possible for Leafs fans there.

What is happening to the current site?
As all of you loyal users know, we have been through a lot of technical challenges on the current platform. In light of this we will be switching to a new platform beginning Monday. The new platform will offer most of the same functionality as the current platform, but will hopefully be much more stable.

What is happening to all my content?
We are doing our best to migrate all of your content onto the new platform. However, if you are worried about losing anything, please make sure you save your videos, photos and any blogs you may not want to lose now.

Where will I post my new content?
We are working on a few things here such as allowing fans to post to our new YouTube channel (, additionally, you’ll still be able to post your own YouTube videos on the new messageboard. And our facebook page ( continues to be a great place to share your content with like-minded Leafs fans.

We want to thank all of our users, rookies and vets, for your loyalty and passion. Shout outs to some of you that were with us from the start, Kung-Pow-Lau, chansler, Jeffler, LEAFSFAN71, Habs_Suck1, LeafsFanInBigD, hockeygurl13, Heffiewiggle, JoAnimal, Leaferbyblood Monika-with-a-K, and of course, SteveDangle. Don’t think we still aren’t watching you!

And to our friends on the Boards, G.O.A.T., KFKadri, ohyoleafsgo, TheDorkKnight, zizzzy, MaximumTaco, Youngbud, Davey705, Armstrong, 17mancrush, 25Alex56, Milstar, Cali_Leafs_fan, 2K4SXTTypeS, Maplers, Seer, Trueleaffan, Jockdent, ibeleaf23, Hapanese and Beergirl, the conversation will continue.

Again, thanks to those of you we named and all of you we missed, for your passion and dedication. We look forward to continuing to serve you online in the years to come,

The Team.

PS Maybe we can convince Chansler to plan one last LeafSpace Hoorah at RealSports once the season starts? Just sayin’.
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