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Duffer Delivers On "Q"

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs

Heading into his fifth season with Leafs TV, you can watch Brian Duff hosting pre- and post-game shows for all the breaking news surrounding the Blue and White.
August 24, 2005

(TORONTO) -- In recognition of my second favourite Houston Astros reliever, Chad Qualls, this weeks' space is devoted to the letter Q, and its significance, or lack thereof in the NHL.

This week the game quietly said goodbye to Stephane Quintal. Big deal you say? A big deal it is!

No player whose last name begins with the letter Q had ever played in 1000 games until Quintal, who finished at 1037.

To the Brits, a quintal is a unit of weight equal to 112 pounds. To the Bruins, Blues, Jets, Canadiens, Rangers and Blackhawks, this Quebec native was a serviceable defenceman who quarterbacked the odd power play, and one who quit this game after amassing 243 points.

Unable to quench his thirst for a Stanley Cup, and after perhaps reassessing his career while the NHL spent a year in quarantine, Quintal's parting quote suggested he wanted to spend more ""quality"" time with his family.

Quick quiz.

Name the only NHL team to ever have its nickname begin with the letter Q?
Read on for the answer.

While we're on the topic of trivia, any idea how many Q's have played in the NHL?
Just 11.

Dan Quinn
Bill Quackenbush
Stephane Quintal
Joel Quenneville
Deron Quint*
Pat Quinn
John Quilty
Ken Quinney
Max Quackenbush
J-F Quintin
Leo Quenneville
*Still Active

Care for a quirky fact?

None of the players at right won a Stanley Cup on the ice and, at this time, only four Q's have served as a head coach. Pat Quinn, Joel Quenneville, Charles Querrie, and Mike Quinn are cupless in that department as well.

Perhaps Kyle Quincey can be the first to skate around with the Holy Grail. The Mississauga Ice Dogs defender was drafted by the Red Wings in 2003.

Or maybe it will be goaltender Jonathan Quick. Born in Connecticut, Quick was taken 72nd overall by the Kings (the team that Quintal would have played for last year had it not been for the lockout) in the 2005 draft after a stunning season of high school hockey.

Have you ever wondered why no one seems to call the Leafs head coach Quinsy? Maybe it's because they're aware that the word means ""an inflammation of the tonsils"". (Why do I feel like I've just given some on-ice officials a little bit of ammunition?)

Under the heading Quid Pro Quo ... isn't it interesting to see more and more deals being consummated now that teams have most of their free agents signed? Is it a case of cap quandary? In a great example of quality for quality, the Senators/Thrashers deal is one that should benefit both teams. But unless Ottawa can avoid making it a quintet of spring defeats at the hands of the Leafs, folks in the capital will remain queasy on the makeup of their team.

Which team in the East has been the least active as far as bringing in new faces?

The one from The Queen City of course. The Buffalo Sabres lone acquisition to date is that of Teppo Numminen, leaving those just down the QEW to wonder what the work stoppage was all about. And don't forget about Ted Nolan, who seems to be finally moving on from the quagmire that was his final days with Buffalo in 1997. The former Jack Adams winner is on a quest for his second CHL title as the new head coach of the Moncton Wildcats. The 'Cats and the QMJHL will host this year's Memorial Cup.

Quick quiz answer.

The Philadelphia Quakers are the only NHL team to have a nickname beginning with the letter Q. The Quakers lasted just one year, the 1930-31 season.

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