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All Aboard The Rivalry Train: Part Two

by Mike Ulmer / Toronto Maple Leafs

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Welcome to the Molson Canadian Rivalry Train, a rolling caravan of Leafs fans steaming toward the capital and tonight’s date with the Ottawa Senators.

Chris Cobb is divided.

Okay, not literally. Let’s say conflicted.

Now this must be kept on the downlow. With that in mind we are posting this on a public accessible website on the night of a huge game.

He loves the Philadelphia Flyers. He is quiet about it, what with a potentially hostile crowd surrounding him aboard a train that makes four more stops.

You can’t blame him. He was a kid who became interested in hockey about the same time the Flyers won their first Stanley Club. That was 1974.

The Leafs, you may have heard, have had some lean years since then.

Like many fans, Chris became disenchanted with the team’s monopoly on the airwaves. This was in the days before multiple networks ushered the widest variety of teams into our living rooms.

But Chris also owns a bar and grill n Whitby called Winston Shagwells. Yes, Winston Shagwells.

“As a bar owner I would love to see them go deep in the playoffs,” he said.

“On Tuesday and Wednesdays when the Leafs are winning, sales double.”

No word on the gross when the Flyers are on television.
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