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All Aboard The Rivalry Train: Part Three

by Mike Ulmer / Toronto Maple Leafs

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Welcome to the Molson Canadian Rivalry Train, a rolling caravan of Leafs fans steaming toward the capital and tonight’s date with the Ottawa Senators.

This story is about a little piece of plastic and the gift of forgiveness.

On a seat near the front are the Blair sisters, Sarah and Jennifer.

The pair are on the train because Sarah’s husband Rob won the prize.

This is not incidental. Rob wears his Leafs hat every day. He has a jersey. He has a Leafs licence plate.

Sadly for him, he had arranged a hockey junket to Ohio on this very day.

The Ohio trip involved 15 friends and Rob couldn’t cancel. That left Sarah, a casual fan, to choose a travel partner.

She chose her Jennifer. The two are very close and here is where the forgivess comes in.

When they were little girls, the two were playing with their Barbies. One Barbie had an earring. What would happen, Jennifer wondered, if her sister could wear the earning.

Sarah did not wear the earring. Instead it was stuffed into her ear canal. It took a trip to emergency and a healthy dose of water to dislodge it.

Sarah healed just fine but her punishment was to listen to her sister scream as the water was poured into Sarah’s ear.
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