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by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning
While realizing the goal of celebrating the lives of those who are survivors or are fighting to survive against cancer, it is worthy to note that the partnership between the Lightning organization and The Yerrid Foundation is not only born out of a common vision, but born out of friendship.

In its sixth season, the Tampa Bay Fights Cancer Night that Yerrid and the Lightning envisioned is still running strong and remains one of the largest Tampa Bay area events promoting cancer awareness.

"There are a lot of people who want to do things, there are a lot of people who think about doing things, and then there are doers," Lightning President and H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation board member Ron Campbell said. "That's what Steve Yerrid is, he's a doer and he gives back. Hats off to Steve for his generosity, for his resources, his time and his heart."

"If you see Steve with some of these kids and their families, it's genuine. It's truly from the heart of Steve Yerrid. We're just very blessed to be able to be a part of it."

"I think it's pretty remarkable that the event has now become an absolute sellout time and time again, and I find it remarkable that no matter what the Lightning record is, they always win on that night," Yerrid said. "Those players look up and see that sea of yellow, that sea of hope."

For Yerrid, the message that hope is vital to the fight against cancer is one that will never get old. Yerrid's message can be seen in everything from the yellow of The Yerrid Foundation t-shirts to the book Tampa Bay Lightning Winning Ways, The Making of a Championship Heart.

The yellow of Yerrid's t-shirts symbolizes sunshine, rays of hope and the hope of a new tomorrow. It symbolizes the idea that tomorrow can bring a better day and that it's the beginning of a new start.

Through his book, Yerrid talks of courage, determination and strength, all traits he feels are visible not just in sport, but in the fight against cancer. Most importantly, Yerrid feels that these qualities combine to promote a sense of belief.

"Believing in something when nobody else around you thinks it can be true, that's really hope," Yerrid said. "When you still believe, that's hope. That's the difference between a champion and a winner, and that's what I want to instill in these kids. Have hope, try your hardest and good things happen. Miracles happen."

"I don't want anything less than that, and I believe in miracles and that we act out in goodness. If we all act out our best instincts come forward, which are goodness and kindness and all the things that we can sometimes forget we have, and we can do this."

While Yerrid may be well-known for his career as a lawyer, it is the work he does in his local community that truly makes a difference.

In helping build a sense of hope and determination in the local community, the thousands of yellow "rays of hope" at The Yerrid Foundation's Tampa Bay Fights Cancer Night event show a bright reminder of the message Yerrid works so hard to send.
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