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Martin St. Louis Answers Your Questions

by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning
Last week fans on filled the inbox with questions for Marty St. Louis. This week you get your answers. While there isn't time to answer all the questions, here are the best of the best. Stay tuned next week for a different player!

Name:Peter Carey
Hometown:Oldsmar, FL
Question: Marty, I just wanted to thank you for being my "Hockey Hero" and being such a huge inspiration to me, you have helped me improve so much in hockey. My Question is how hard is it to deal with all the pressure of doing well, being on the road all the time, and having a family? Also, whats your normal "pre-game routine"?
Well, it is hard to do well in the NHL because there is a lot of parity, a lot of talent and a lot of good teams. As far as my routine, it’s just a pre-game skate in the morning and then lunch around 12:30 p.m.  I go down for a nap between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and then get to the rink a couple of hours before the game. I always like to play some soccer in the hallway before the warm-up.

Name: Tanner Bailey
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Question: Marty, I've followed you since the day you arrived here in Tampa. It's been great to watch you evolve into the incredible player you are today. What coaches, players, or heroes do you attribute some of your success to?
I think I owe a lot to my mom and dad for hauling me to rinks as a kid. Also, my college coaches were big in trying to get me to the next step. When I got to the NHL, I owe a lot to John Tortorella. He believed in me and helped me become the player I am today.

Name: Megan
Hometown: Largo, FL
Question: What is your favorite restaurant? Also, if you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?
My favorite restaurant? Probably Berns or Flemings. Either of those two.  As to what I’d be doing without hockey? I really don’t know. I have devoted myself to being a hockey player. I never stopped to think what I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing that.

Name:Paula Manning
Hometown:Inverness, FL
Question: Marty, what do you see happening in your life ten (10) years from now?  Are there any areas of interest that you would like to pursue?  I'm really excited about the upcoming season, good luck.
There are no areas I’d like to pursue, really. I just try to think about right now and live in the moment. I’ll think about 10 years in 10 years.

Name: David M.
Hometown: Lutz, FL
Question: Hey Marty. It's no secret that many hockey players have superstitions. My question is before the opening faceoff, why do you tap the end of your stick several times with a fist and then hold your helmet? Thanks and good luck. Hope to see you in Vancouver in 2010!
That’s just a superstition. I don’t even know how long I’ve been doing it.

Name: Jenelle Carter
Hometown: London, Ontario
Question: First of all, congratulations on another great season!! I wanted to ask you about your feelings on not getting drafted. Did you ever doubt that you would make the NHL? Do you feel that winning the Cup in 2004 along with your numerous awards was that much sweeter because you hadn't been drafted? And what was it like scoring those overtime goals (especially Game 6) to eventually beat out Calgary - the only other team in the league who had given you a chance?
 Thanks so much for your time.
Well, when you accomplish something and no one expected you to, it feels twice as good. Not getting drafted probably helped me work as hard as I did and it’s why I became the player that I am.  As far as Calgary goes, there are no hard feelings. They were really good to me when I was there.

Name: Neil Frey   
Hometown:  Rockledge, Florida
Question: Marty, I was at the Fan Fest this past week where you played along side of some of Tampa Police Department's hockey team honoring their fallen Officer.  I couldn't help to take notice as to how big the smiles where on the faces of you and some of the other Lightning players.  It looked like you were a kid again out there playing pond hockey and having a blast!  How often do you get to play a pick-up game like that, and how much fun is it to play not having to worry about a +/-?
I never play pick up games. Maybe that’s why it was fun. Even when I skate in the summer, it’s with other NHL pros.

Name:Josh Chapman
Question: Marty, first I'd like to say your an inspiration to people and your success in the NHL is incredible! If you had to pick a team that you hate losing to the most, what team would you pick and why? Can't wait to see you on the ice!
Just losing, period, is no fun. Doesn’t matter to whom, Josh.

Name: Michele Gebhardt
Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL
Question: Hey Marty, you've always been my favorite player. Go Bolts!!  Thanks for the years of exciting goals.  As a season ticket holder I seen you face many goalies, my question is:  Who do you consider the toughest goalie to face and why?  Thanks for your dedication and have another great year.
Roberto Luongo is the toughest goalie for me to face. He’s good, he’s big and he’s technically sound. I was very happy when he got traded away from our division.

Name: Theresa Miller
Hometown: Clearwater, Fl
Question: What kind of training program do you have during the summer to keep in shape?
I’m in the gym four days of the week. I skate one day of the week.

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