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by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning
Sun Sports Takes a Look at the Man Who
Constructed the Stanley Cup Championship Team
Premieres on Sun Sports, Friday, Nov. 25 at 10pm

Successfully orchestrating the off-the-ice successes which led to the Tampa Bay Lightning's historic first Stanley Cup Championship, EVP/GM Jay Feaster is considered one of the NHL's most talented executives. Now Tampa Bay Lightning fans have an opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and get to know this powerful and charismatic man as Sun Sports premieres a new episode of its acclaimed INSIDE THE LIGHTNING all-access series.

INSIDE THE LIGHTNING: JAY FEASTER, profiling the team's prolific executive vice president and general manager, premieres on Sun Sports Friday, November 25, at 10pm in Northern and Central Florida and statewide on Monday, November 28 at 4:30pm. Sun Sports' Tampa Bay Lightning rinkside reporter Paul Kennedy hosts the program.

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, Feaster learned early on the values of hard work and the benefits a tight-knit community has to offer. He hasn't forgotten his roots in Williamstown, Pa and credits his upbringing and the strong support system he grew up with with where he is today. After the Lightning won the Stanley Cup he and his family returned to Williamstown to the so that the entire community could celebrate the victory.

A man with a loving family, many friends and respected colleagues Feaster is at the top of his game on many fronts and as a huge hockey fan hopes personally and professionally to bring many more Stanley Cup Championships to Tampa Bay.

(On What Was Going Through His Mind After Winning The Stanley Cup in 2004): "It was an unbelievable feeling - to think about where the franchise had been and where we were when I started as General Manager. To be able to do things the right way, I really believe that was the best part - you know John (Tortorella) and I, we said we didn't know how much time we had together but for whatever period of time we had, in the positions we held, we were going to run the club in what we believed to be the right way, and do the right things for the right reasons - we were confident we would get the results we wanted if we did it that way."

(On His Animated Enthusiasm During The Lightning's Victory Celebration): "It was an emotional time and I like to let my emotions out, I didn't want to have a heart attack keeping them bottled up, I may have one from the exuberance of it...but it won't be from bottling them inside. It's an overwhelming feeling for me because I'm a fan, I love the game, I have the same sense of devastation when they lose and the same sense of elation when they win."

(On His Feeling Of Williamstown, Pa. Where He Grew Up): "It means everything to me, it is 'small town America,' it was a great place to grow up, you know all of your neighbors and they know you. It's the kind of place where you had a great support system in a nurturing environment, where you felt like you could do whatever you wanted to do."

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