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Getting to know Mathieu Garon

by Peter Pupello / Tampa Bay Lightning

With three consecutive wins, Lightning goaltender Mathieu Garon has no doubt become accustomed to the system and style of play of his new team. His 1.78 goals-against average and .942 save percentage, which both rank among the top seven goaltenders in the league, specifically exemplify that.

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More: Garon shuts out Buffalo recently sat down with Garon to learn more about not only what has made him so successful between the pipes, but also to get to know him a little bit better off the ice as well.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge in becoming accustomed to coach Guy Boucher’s style of play?
A: Right now I’ve just been trying to make the little adjustments. I think it was a little harder for me when I first arrived to see how these guys play, but now I feel more comfortable. Our defensemen have made it pretty easy for me. For example, [Saturday against Buffalo], they blocked more shots than we allowed so that helped me quite a bit.

Q:What have been your favorite places to go to in Tampa Bay, whether to eat or just to have fun?
A: To eat at, I think Bern’s is good. There are a few sushi places I really like too. As far as going somewhere to have fun, I usually go with my family since we’re on the road a lot and I don’t see them too often. Clearwater Beach is somewhere we’ve enjoyed going to pretty often.

Q: What are some sights or places that you haven’t experienced yet that you would like to in the near future?
A: I think for my family and I, we would like to go see more of Disney. We went there one time and loved it, so I definitely want to go back. I’d also like to visit some of the parks around it, you know, MGM Studios, Universal Studios and Epcot Center.

Q: This is the second time in your career that you have been teammates with Dwayne Roloson. Can you talk a little bit about what you have learned from him throughout the years?
A: Well he’s helped me a lot and has always been a good teammate and mentor to have. If I ask him a question, he’s very professional in explaining things to me. He’s a great example to follow on the ice and you can see how and why he’s had such a great career. For me, it has been an easy transition being here in Tampa Bay because I’ve played with him before.

Q: Having played in a number of different NHL arenas throughout your career, how does the newly-renovated St. Pete Times Forum compare to some other buildings around the league?
A: I think it’s great and I think now it’s definitely one of the best, for sure. This past week for the home-opener the fans were great and all the changes they’ve made to the building have made it a fun place to play. The atmosphere is terrific every night and you can see the fans are always really excited.

Q: What is your favorite food to eat, whether on a road trip or at home?
A: I love sushi. I always like to try all the different types of rolls and I think I’ve pretty much had everything, but it’s all very good.

Q: What music is on your iPod that you enjoy listening to before games?
A: I really like Pearl Jam a lot. I like all of their songs and think they’re a great band who have had some success for a long time. One thing I do not like though is country music. None of that.

Q: What activities do you enjoy doing the most to help you relax when you’re not at the rink?
A: I really like to spend time with my family, with my wife and my kids. During the season we’re on the road a lot so I don’t get to see them that often. The perfect day for me is spending a day with my family.

Q: What would you say is your favorite movie?
A: The Shawshank Redemption has always been my favorite movie. Lately, though, I saw The Lincoln Lawyer and thought that was pretty good.

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