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Fan Q & A with Teddy Purcell

by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning

Dan Martins asks:

What inspired you to play hockey? I think just growing up in Canada, it was more peer pressure than anything. My buddies were all playing and I was the last one to join, and I just wanted to fit in and hang out with those guys outside of school so I decided to pick it up.

Josh Holmes asks:

What is it like to play on a team with Steven Stamkos? It’s pretty cool. Before I got traded here you would see him a lot on the highlights, then you get here and you see in person how hard he works and some of the goals he scores and it’s pretty special. A lot of times I play on his line, so it’s a lot of fun.

Eric Steitz asks:

As an energy guy for the team, obviously some of the hardest work comes in the offseason. What's your favorite part of your offseason training? Well that’s actually the hard part. Hockey is supposed to be fun, but the training is pretty intense. You have to get up early in the morning during the summertime and go to the gym for two to three hours every day to stay in shape and get ready for the season and try to get better. I think it’s fun though to see yourself getting bigger and stronger and to challenge yourself to get to that next level.

Twitter Follower @erinnnf09 asks:

Do you have a pregame ritual? What do you do to mentally prepare before a game? I always go over and look at the other tean’s lineup and see who you’re playing against, go over their tendencies and stuff like that and try and stay focused. You kind of want to stay loose before the game and then a half hour before it starts you start thinking and preparing and get more serious to get ready for it.

Twitter Follower @nathcartmel asks:

What's your favorite Newfoundland saying? I guess the most popular one is “What-id-ya-at.” Every time I talk to my buddies back home, I say “What-id-ya-ay, how are you doing today?” It’s kind of like saying “What’s up” here in the states.

Twitter Follower@ChadMiller13 asks:

As a fellow Newfoundland native I was wondering if you came home over the All-Star Break and what is your favorite part about Newfoundland? I actually went back home for the past two All-Star Breaks, but this one I didn’t. I actually flew a few of my buddies down here instead. I usually do like going home, but my parents told me they had 26 centimeters [of snow] a couple of days before, so I decided to stay in the sun this year and brings some Newfies down to the states.

Twitter Follower @erinnnf09 asks:

Who in your opinion is the team prankster? Ryan Malone is pretty good and Pavel Kubina is kind of undercover too. It’s a toss-up between those two guys. Also, Martin St. Louis can be sometimes, so I try to learn some tricks from those older guys.
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