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Bolts on Break: Vincent Lecavalier

by Lonnie Herman / Tampa Bay Lightning
Vinny Lecavalier poses for a picture on the field at Old Trafford, home of favorite soccer club, Manchester United.
Some people enjoy travelling. They find it relaxing to get away from the routine and educational to see new places. It’s always nice to get out and go visit somewhere.

Vinny Lecavalier takes a ride on an elephant while vacationing in Thailand. (click to enlarge)

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Then there is Vincent Lecavalier, who goes everywhere.

“I always like a take a little trip at the end of the year,” Lecavalier explained.

This year, that “little trip” was 10 days in Thailand, with a stopover in London, England on the way back.

“It was a great trip, very relaxing,” Lecavalier said. “After the season it’s nice to get away from everything.”

So shortly after the season drew to a close, the Lightning captain found himself on the beach in Phuket, Thailand, just letting the days pass leisurely.

“It was great,” Lecavalier said.  From the way he says it, you know he means it.

From the beach, he toured Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, and then trekked up north into the jungle.

“It was a little bit of everything,” Lecavalier recalled.

And although Thailand seems like a location that would be strange and exotic, Lecavalier was surprised to find that it was not so.

“I’ve been to places where you feel more out of place,” Lecavalier said. “Thailand is a big tourist destination. We met lots of people from Quebec there.”

The best surprise of the trip for Lecavalier was the four day visit to London on the way home.

“I loved it there,” Lecavalier recalled. “Surprisingly, there were a lot of French restaurants. Great food, great sushi, it was unbelievable.”
London gave Lecavalier the chance to get out and stretch his legs a bit.

“It is a beautiful city with great people. We walked everywhere,” Lecavalier said. “Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect really, but it’s probably the nicest city I’ve been to.”

While in London, Lecavalier got a chance to cheer on one of his favorite teams, Manchester United Soccer Club, in person as they took on Manchester City, a traditional rival.

 “Oh my gosh, what an atmosphere.” Lecavalier recalled. “It was such a great atmosphere. I took the whole tour of the stadium before the game. A great time.”

After London, Lecavalier headed home to Montreal to train and visit family and friends.

“I just relaxed for the rest of the summer,” Lecavalier explained.

As if the beach in Thailand wasn’t relaxing enough.
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