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Best of the Web: Week of July 13-20

by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning

Bolt In The Bronx…

It was nice to see Lightning forward Martin St. Louis in attendance at Yankee Stadium the other day, where he brought his three boys to take in a game between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Usually, this sort of thing would result in several fans seeking autographs from the Bolts’ fan-favorite, seeing that the Yankees hold spring training in Tampa and that perhaps a good portion of the team’s fan base has seen Marty in action on more than one occasion when enjoying themselves down south.

But, in a rare twist, it was none other than Blue Jays catcher JP Arencibia who appeared to be star-struck at the sight of the Lightning forward, as he struggled to catch his breath much like a teenage girl understandably would upon encountering that Bieber kid. Or, maybe he was just really excited to be doing a stand-up interview for the NHL Network, but my guess is the former.

More to the point, St. Louis has a summer home in Connecticut and said that he likes to try and bring his three sons to a baseball game at least once throughout the offseason, which as he states in this interview, also is a time for him to play some golf, spend time with family and push himself to the limits with his rigorous summer workout regimen.

Good for Marty to be out enjoying himself, and extra kudos to him for always keeping it classy.

After all, by now the recurring theme of athletes and celebrities embarrassing themselves at baseball games is becoming cliché. So, from Bolts fans everywhere, thank you Marty for representing the Lightning well and for not even attempting to one-up Rosanne Barr/Arnold/Whatever her last name is these days…


Not really sure what this is all about to be honest, but I stumbled across it yesterday while snaking the Twitter feed and thought, ‘hey, this would work great for tomorrow’s Best Of The Web!”

It didn’t actually happen quite that enthusiastically, but it was somewhat of a Eureka moment if I do say so myself.

Whether it was included as part of some newfound summer training program or merely just for fun, Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman posted pictures on his official Twitter account (@heds77) of him grappling with feared UFC fighter Alexander Gustafsson, or as he likes to refer to himself on the popular social media outlet, “Alex The Mauler.”

Upon performing additional research on Alex, it appears as if he, like Hedman, also hails from Sweden, so it’s possible the two might be friends from back home, but who knows. In fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he’s the second-string power forward for the Miami Heat.

Anyways, here are a couple of snapshots from the duel.

Doppelganger From Down Under…

I don’t typically watch golf, but yesterday amidst all the talk of Phil, Rory, Tiger and the rest of the gang, I decided to flip on The Open Championship just to check in and educate myself a little bit about what was going on.

I came to see that Adam Scott was atop the leaderboard, and not only that, but that the Aussie also bears a striking resemblance to young Lightning forward Brett Connolly.

Which made me think, this isn’t the first time Connolly has been mistaken for some other famous face.

It was last summer actually, during the Lightning’s 2011 Development Camp, when fellow Bolts prospect Alex Killorn came forth with a revelation that undoubtedly elicited a chuckle from many mid-twentysomethings who grew up during the 1990s.

With one defining Tweet, Killorn offered this:

From Alex Killorn (@Akillorn19): “Marv from Home Alone? #Creepy

Ah yes, how Connolly takes on the look of a young Daniel Stern, before, of course, he told Kevin McAllister to “suck brick, kid” in one of Hollywood’s most memorable cinematic scenes.

Nose Big Deal…

There was a moment this past season at one of Guy Boucher’s morning skate media scrums where he was discussing the evolution of Steven Stamkos as a player, only to utter a few words that in all honesty would have been more appropriate several months earlier as the Lightning were making their run through the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

“He’s a warrior, that kid,” Boucher said regarding Stamkos.

Which brings us to this picture, which argues on the side of hockey players in validating that they are, indeed, tougher than other athletes in North America’s major professional sports.

As you see, a blister on the hand of Cole Hamels, a jammed finger to Dwyane Wade and a bad case of turf toe (it’s inverted on the picture as you may have noticed, but we’ll let it slide) to Adrian Peterson is really no match for the almighty Stamkos, who had his nose shattered in what was probably, at least to date, the biggest game of his life, only to have him return moments later in a valiant effort to try and propel the Lightning into the Stanley Cup Finals.

Of course, the Bolts would fall just short of their quest as the Bruins got a late goal from Nathan Horton to emerge out of the East.

And looking back on it, that alone probably hurt more than the injury itself.

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