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Best Of The Web: March 29 – April 5

by Peter Pupello / Tampa Bay Lightning


By now you’ve probably heard of “The Most Interesting Man In The World,” the delightfully refined and exceptionally handsome George Clooney-like older gentleman who doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he always chooses Dos Equis.

Well, as it turns out, there is another debonair that resides right here in Tampa Bay, albeit in a hotel at the moment, in Lightning fans’ very own backyard.

He’s new in town, and his name is Jon Cooper, of course.

Most of us know him as a successful hockey coach and a one-time trial attorney, but perhaps only few who know him well are aware of a series of television commercials he starred in, which made light of the popular and now-famous Dos Equis beer advertisements.

Cooper’s stint as a small-screen television star came during his days in the United States Hockey League when he coached the Green Bay Gamblers, with whom he posted back-to-back seasons with the best record in the USHL and won the 2010 Clark Cup.

Rather than selling alcoholic beverages, however, his goal was to sell tickets to the Gamblers’ fan base by providing insight into his own personal views on various hockey topics such as coaching, fighting, and winning.

He keeps it simple, too.

In one instance, for example, Cooper advises the viewing coach demographic to identify the one thing they don’t do well in hockey, and then encourages them not to do that thing.

The spots center around Cooper sitting at a table with some attractive females, uttering lines with ease, only to conclude the scene by making a serpentine motion with his hands in which he blows computer-generated gold dust into the air off of his palm.

The team is called the Gamblers, but man, talk about sleight of hand.

Here are a few of the spots in their entirety:


This is perfect for any novice fan of the NHL, as it tells the story of the real “who’s who” in the game today among its current superstars.

Detroit Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk (@Datsyuk13) put this out over Twitter yesterday, a mark-up of a standard NHL sheet of ice with certain spots satirically labeled as specific areas where today’s NHL players often flourish.

For example, the left faceoff circle is dubbed “Stamkos Sweet Spot,” aptly named for Lightning forward Steven Stamkos, whose patented one-timer from that location has produced a large number of goals for the Bolts throughout the past several years.

Among others featured are “Datsyuk’s Expressway,” which runs the length of the ice, as well as “Bobrovsky’s Precinct,” a tribute to the goal crease where Columbus Blue Jackets netminder Sergei Bobrovsky has been stellar this season.

Datsyuk, by the way, apparently has his own custom-made Playstation NHL ’13 controller.

Anyway, there are also some more humorous locales, such as the “Look Out Hossa Blue Line,” referring to the area where the Blackhawks forward took a nasty hit from Raffi Torres in last spring’s playoffs, and “Matt Duchene’s Offside Buffer,” that when looking at the replay of the actual highlight, isn’t really that exaggerated at all. Of course, that area in particular isn’t far from the “Arc Of Blown Calls.”

There are plenty more, too, which you can see for yourself here.


Lightning forward Alex Killorn moved out of his temporary quarters in a Tampa hotel recently, and celebrated in a way that most of us would:

By going grocery shopping.

Killorn Tweeted from his account this past week the results of his trip.

From @AKillorn19: “First grocery run #NoMoreHotel”

The Tweet was accompanied by this picture, which drew some playful banter shortly after between Killorn and teammate Teddy Purcell.

Purcell, from his account, @teddypurcell16, replied with a zinger:

“You only have 4,000 followers @Akillorn19. So many people must be asking you about your first grocery run. Did your phone blow up yet?”

Apparently Killorn’s mobile device was indeed ringing off the hook, so to set the record straight, Killorn came back with just one point of clarification by Tweeting:

“For everyone asking, I tied the grocery carts to the car with a rope. Can’t believe everything made it. #SlowTurns”

All jokes aside, the excursion, by all accounts, looked and sounded to be for the most part successful.

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