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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Tony Gasparini, Amateur Scout
Kings Amateur Scout Tony Gasparini agreed to sit down with and share his thoughts on the 2007 Training Camp. Check out the first of his entries below as Kings fans get an inside look at what Kings management must consider when building the roster for the 2007-08 Los Angeles Kings.

“I don’t know if you want to start making assessments yet. You want to let things get going before you really make the serious evaluations. It was real easy to see some of the guys who were able to adapt their games right away; those are the ones that stood out. You do not want to cross anyone out this early. It is certainly nice to see guys whose game was able to translate, regardless of the tempo.

There are so many guys here, we feel very fortunate at the level of play and the quality of hockey players in camp. Making decisions on the roster, is just a matter of putting everyone’s head together and discussing our thoughts in scouting and evaluating each player. In scouting, there are so many subjective things, there might be one thing that one scout sees that is different than what another one sees. Having an open line of communication, which we are fortunate enough to have on our staff, is very valuable.

It is no different then when you are scouting amateurs. You are looking for a specific talent or talents that will translate to the National Hockey League. It is the same when you are watching the players here in camp, looking for the guys that can take the step to this level. It goes back to seeing guys whose games are able to translate regardless of the tempo and the time and the space. You are looking for special players.

It was great to see everyone get together and see the mix of returning players combined with the new players. What impressed me right off the bat is the level of execution right from the start of camp. Today’s game was sharp and executed well and it was great to see the interaction between the two teams.

Watching Ladislav Nagy and Michal Handzus, it was pretty evident in the scrimmage that they had played together before, and they were very comfortable in doing so. You could see the two of them were thinking on the same page and they seam to feed off each other. Their strengths and weaknesses seam to off set each other and combining the two of them was outstanding.

It was also real fun to see the first-year guys in their first camp be so excited in their effort and their play. It has got to be very daunting for some of these young players to line up across from Rob Blake or Michal Handzus. Seeing some of the guys that they probably watched on TV. I was impressed with the way they handled themselves."

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