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Who Will Make the Cut?

by Thomas LaRocca / Los Angeles Kings
The Kings organization on Monday night draped the main ice at Toyota Sports Center, the Kings official practice facility, for three hours, keeping visitors from seeing what was occurring on the ice.

Was GM Dean Lombardi secretly working out some free agent?

Were the Kings holding some covert practice as a team?

Was Luc Robitaille secretly working out for a comeback attempt in 2009?


Some sixty plus girls showed up to audition for the second edition of the Kings METAL Jeans Ice Crew from 5-8 p.m. that night.

"The bar has been raised and we have high expectations," said Brooklyn Boyars, the Kings Manager, Game Presentation, who oversees the Ice Crew. "It is a demanding job whether they are out on the ice or running around in the stands. Everyone has to bring their ‘A’ game. These girls need to represent the organization well, have a positive personality, be passionate about what they are doing, and they have to be physically fit.

"We also expect them to have hockey knowledge, we expect them to know about the Kings."

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Now that the shameless plug is over, back to our regularly scheduled program...

The girls began arriving as early as 3:30 p.m. to register and receive a brief introduction from the game entertainment staff. The group hit the ice at 5 p.m. for a warm up led by instructor Daryl Evans.

Ever wanted to know about The Original 'The Snow Plow?"

The girls were put through starting and stopping drills, to make sure the ‘skaters are in control and balanced’ and then moved into some advanced stuff, skating forwards and backwards weaving in-and-out between cones and even took out the shovels and tested the girls balance with those.

A little info about the shovels the girls use to collect the snow on the ice: The Kings Ice Crew uses The Original ‘The Snow Plow’ ( for those shopping at home) which is a ‘UHMW-PE snow and waster pusher.’ In case you are wondering, and I know you are, UHMW-PE stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, and yes there will be a test at the end of the story.

Here is a video on this device if you are curious to learn more and have three minutes and 54 seconds of free time today.

Anyway, the team then threw around a giant Frisbee and did a hat trick exercise. As you know as a hockey fan, and since you are reading this I am assuming you are all hockey fans, when a player scores three goals in a game, it is a hat trick and hockey tradition warrants the fans to shower the ice with their hats.

Someone has to clean them up and in a timely manner to get the game back underway.

Last season the Kings had two such instances, both at home, in which Dustin Brown potted three goals vs. the Blues on Dec. 11 and Michal Handzus turned the trick on March 5, vs. Dallas.

There have been 166 hat tricks in the Kings 40-year history and with a lineup that boasts five players who have scored 30-plus goals at least once in their history (in alphabetical order: Dustin Brown, Alexander Frolov, Anze Kopitar, Ryan Smyth and Justin Williams), the Kings METAL Jeans Ice Crew could be busy in 2009-10.

After the last few drills, music was played to allow the girls to show the three judges a little of their personality as they skated around the rinks.

Former Hardees Chill Girl Kourtney with a 'K" is one of the girls auditioning for the METAL Jeans Ice Crew.

Each of the girls are packed with personality, with a wide range of backgrounds, from actresses and dancers, cheerleaders, figure skaters and hockey players, even singers…one of which brought a recording of her singing the National Anthem in hopes of maybe singing prior to a Kings game.

Let’s meet a few. Hi. What’s Your Name?
Prospective Ice Girl: Kourtney Pogue, like you know the Irish group? That’s an obscure reference…

So I looked it up. A little about the Pogues, thanks to Wikipedia. The Pogues were an Irish Rock band formed in 1982 and play traditional Irish Music with influences from punk rock and jazz.

The band had songs that hit the US charts in 1989 with "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah," in 1991 with "Sunny Side of the Street" and its most well known song, 1993’s Tuesday Morning, watch that video here.

A little more about Kourtney.

She was a Hardees Chill Girl for the USHL’S Indiana Ice, and she currently attends Cal State Northridge, where she is majoring in Marketing and Psychology and she grew up a Blackhawks fans but "no longer roots for them, I promise." Here is a link to her bio with the Indiana Ice, thank you google.

This is Courtney with a 'C' not a 'K.'

From Kourtney with a 'K' to Courtney with a 'C,' meet another prospective METAL Jeans Ice Crew member, and a former Kings Crew member, the beautiful actress, Courtney Mache.

Check out here site here:

Courtney tried out for the on-ice crew last season, but was one of the last to be cut due to her skating skills. Here bubbly personality got the attention of the judges, however, and she was invited to work in the stands as a Kings Crew member. This year, the Kings Crew and METAL Jeans Ice Crew will combine and be a super group...

Determined though to be on the ice, Courtney worked hard for the past year to improve her skating.

"I really wanted to be a part of that team," Courtney said. "I wasn’t as strong as I could have been as a skater and I been working hard to improve it. I have been doing a lot of the drills I learned from Daryl Evans.

"Daryl is great, he can really help teach you a lot. There is always room for improvement with the right teacher, teachers like Daryl Evans."

Courtney is one of the many differences between year No. 1 of the METAL Jeans Ice Crew and year No. 2.

"Compared to last year, the biggest difference is that the bar has been raised," Boyars said. "We have a strong group of skaters out there.

"Some girls have fallen, but they all got back up with a smile on their face."

One of those smiling girls and the last of the prospective METAL Jeans Ice Crew members we will meet today is Jennifer Edgar.


Much to the chagrin of Anaheim’s Adam Brady, Jennifer most recently was a member of the Ducks Power Players but is auditioning this year to be a member of the Kings squad.

"I just heard about the audition, I love interacting with people," Jennifer said. "I have been on multiple professional sports team’s interactive squads, including the Angeles (MLB), the Anaheim Arsenal (NBA Development League) and the Ducks (NHL)."

She then apologized profusely about working for the Ducks and added, "I wanted to give something new a try, I like the fast pace of LA."

We will see if she makes the cut.

The Kings will do call backs today and hold the final day of auditions tonight with the girls doing Improv as well as fitness testing. They will be joined by the men auditioning for the crew as well, all vying for 15-18 spots.

The team is expected to be announced at Hockey Fest ’09.

Author: Thomas LaRocca | Staff Writer

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