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TRH Gameday 12: Columbus Blue Jackets - Unmaking The Defense

by The Royal Half / Los Angeles Kings
Disclaimer - The contents of this page have not been reviewed or endorsed by the Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club. All opinions expressed by The Royal Half are solely (and most likely) his own and do not reflect the opinions of the Los Angeles Kings or their Hockey Operations staff, parent company, partners, or sponsors. His current whereabouts are not known to the Kings and he has no access to information beyond the access and privileges that go along with being a half-season ticket holder.

Game #12

10 pts
14th in Western Conference
10 pts
15th in Western Conference
7:30pm, Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA



The Cannon
When your favorite hockey team has won the Stanley Cup during the prior season... you really have done everything you can in terms of giving your fans what they want. But not the Los Angeles Kings! Hot off the heels of giving all of their fans replica Stanley Cup rings... the LA Kings Marketing Department is at it again tonight by presenting LA Kings Ski Cap Giveaway Presented by Delta Air Lines!!! Or as they call them in Canada... toques!
Growing up playing hockey in Los Angeles,
I never understood why Canadians wore these on their heads to keep warm.
Now if you think giving away replica Stanley Cup rings during a game against the Vancouver Canucks was the ultimate classless move by the Los Angeles Kings... then you are going to LOVE tonight's giveaway at Staples Center. What's that... you thought that you were getting a Los Angeles Kings Ski Hat Presented by Delta Air Lines™? Please... that is SO boring. Us LA Kings fans have the Stanley Cup and fantastic weather... what do we need with a ski hat?!? So tonight, the LA Kings are giving away ski hats... but instead they are for the fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets!!!
What a perfect way to hide the fact that you are a Blue Jackets fan!
That's right. The LA Kings are giving Blue Jackets fans across Los Angeles the amazing opportunity to cheer for their favorite hockey team... but not get totally embarrassed in the process. It's much more fashionable than how they do it in Canada!
The crazy part of this photo is that it's Phil Kessel, Matt Fratin and Tyler Bozak.
Think about it... it's so much easier to enjoy watching your favorite team struggle year after year with no one knowing who you are!
Just look at how much fun these Columbus Blue Jackets fans are having!
And no one will ever know back at the office that they love cheering for Fedor Tyutin.
These Columbus Blue Jackets Fan Ski Masks seem a perfect fit for a franchise that even has their own beat reporter questioning what the hell is going on with the team.
I mean, seriously... have you ever seen a franchise as awful at playing hockey as the Columbus Blue Jackets?
Oh... this is awkward.
But let's be honest... these ski hats are much better than the ones NBC gave to all their broadcasters during last season's Stanley Cup Finals:
During the regular season NBC has them wear Penguins and Capitals ski hats.
Actually, for the game tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Ski Mask giveaway was the alternate idea from the LA Kings Marketing Department. This is what they had originally planned to give away to honor former Los Angeles Kings defenseman Jack Johnson in his return to Staples Center.
The Jack Johnson Bobble-The-Pass-Out-Of-The-Defensive-Zone-Head!!!

From @JackJohnson3 regarding his defensive partner...

I mean, seriously... have you ever seen
two dorkier teammates be this in love with each other?


Oh... I guess you have.


The Royal Half has been a Los Angeles Kings fan since 1988 and a Half-Season Ticket Holder since 2002. He has seen the following goaltenders play in person for the Los Angeles Kings… Kelly Hrudey, Grant Fuhr, Byron Dafoe, Jamie Storr, Stephane Fiset, Felix Potvin, Cristobal Huet, Roman Cechmanek, Mathieu Garon, Adam Hauser, Jason LaBarbera, Barry Brust, Sean Burke, Dan Cloutier, Yutaka Fukufuji, Jean-Sebastien Aubin, Erik Ersberg, Jonathan Bernier and Jonathan Quick. If you like the hockey equivalent of dirty jokes or enjoy humorous screen-grabs of NHL players and broadcasters with funny captions... man, you are going to like The Royal Half. You can follow The Royal Half on Twitter at @TheRoyalHalf

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