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The Royal Half Preview: Kings vs. Blackhawks

by The Royal Half / Los Angeles Kings
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Game #32

36 pts
6th in Western Conference
51 pts
1st in Western Conference
5:00pm, United Center
Chicago, IL
Jarome Iginla as a LA Kings via @LAKingsOutsider.
Please score soon, Jeff. Please.
Jon Rosen from LA Kings Insider. Jim Fox from the LA Kings. John Hoven from Mayors Manor. Dennis Bernstein from The Fourth Period. Curtis Zupke from Jonathan Davis from The Hockey News. Bailey. Helene Elliott and Lisa Dilman from the Los Angeles Times. For the fans of the Los Angeles Kings these are the men and women that they've come to rely upon for LA Kings hockey news. But there is a new upstart amongst the LA Kings blogosphere that is providing an unique voice that I'm pretty sure LA Kings fans have never heard before.
Let's take another look at that Tweet from @LA Kings Brasil...
Wow... slow down, @LA Kings Brasil.
The only one grabbing anything for the LA Kings is Drew Doughty.
Gabriel Bodao is an 18 year old living in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Now remember, English is not Gabriel's 1st language... so go easy on the guy.
TRH: How exactly did you become a fan of the Los Angeles Kings?
LAKings Brasil: I became a LA Kings fan in 2008 or 2009. I'm a hockey fan since I was a little boy, and my favorite city in the whole world is Los Angeles, so when I grew up and met the NHL, I chose to root for the team in my favorite city, the LA Kings. And I'm proud of this.

Hockey isn't popular in Brazil, so doesn't have so many people who watch the NHL. But among the few Brazilian people who watch the NHL, LA Kings is one of the most popular, especially now that we are Stanley Cup champions.
TRH: It's good to know that the concept of "Bandwagon Fans" stretches from North to South America. Now, how did you become a hockey fan growing up in Brazil?

LAKings Brasil: When I was a little boy, there was a famous cartoon called "Mighty Ducks" passing on tv and I loved it. And from there I started to be a hockey fan.

You win this round, Gary Bettman.

TRH: How popular is the sport of hockey in Brazil?
LAKings Brasil: Here in Brazil doesn't exist professional league of Ice hockey. The preference of Brazilian people is soccer and occasionally basketball, volleyball and UFC.
There's 'hockey in line' here, has a professional league, but has just a few teams, but it's not popular, the games doesn't go on TV and very few people know and follow the league and the teams. I don't know the right number, but counting the number of teams from all divisions, regions, and etc, should be between 20 to 30 teams in the entire country.

There's a website for the Brazilian Confederation of Hockey and Skating: and also has a website for the Federation of São Paulo of Hockey and Skating which organizes some championships

Turns out that Nicklas Backstrom spent some of the lockout playing roller hockey in Brazil.

LAKings Brasil: But for NHL games, has a channel called ESPN Brasil passing some games. Or subscribing to the GameCenter. There are people who like and watch the games, but very few. I think if the Brazilian government would support and invest in hockey, this could improve a lot more, but they don't do it.

TRH: Do you have friends that watch hockey in Brazil?

LAKings Brasil: I just know very few people who watch NHL. Two of them are fans of Boston and cheer for the Bruins, but my older brother also likes the LA Kings and watched the team be Stanley Cup champion with me.

But I always watch all the games alone. I would like to know more people who watch the NHL, and cheer especially for the Kings. I really wish to one day live in Los Angeles and be able to watch all the games of the team in Staples Center, and to buy the team jersey. Because here in Brazil doesn't sell, and the not send to Brazil.

When Robyn Regehr is your 1 degree of separation from NHL hockey...
it's no wonder the sport isn't popular in Brazil.

TRH: To my knowledge, you are the only LA Kings-related Twitter account that tweets in Portuguese. What do you normally tweet about when it comes to the LA Kings?

LAKings Brasil: I like to let my followers very informed about the team. I'm always stating the day and the time of the games, how many points and what position the team is in the championship, what's new on the team. I say which goalie will play, what are the main players, which players are injured, when they return, and etc.

And I'm always commenting every game of the team... what's happening during the game, who are the best players in the game, who scored the goal, who did the assistance and etc.

TRH: Finally... who is your favorite player on the LA Kings?

LAKings Brasil: Hmm, difficult. I like many players, but currently, my favorite player is Jeff Carter, because he is a great player and is the team's top scorer, and I like the way he plays. But Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar are among my favorites too. Dustin Brown is a tough guy, a great captain and makes great plays. And I think Anze Kopitar is one of the best players, also makes great plays and makes many assists.

Dustin Penner... I like him, he's a tough guy too, makes good plays, a few goals and he plays with a lot of class and willpower.

But sometimes I don't understand what he speaks. The other day he wrote me something and I didn't understand anything what he meant. I'm still trying to get it, but he seems like a nice guy.

You and me both, kid.

So welcome LAKings Brasil into the Kings Blogosphere with open arms. Because by the looks of it, I think Gabriel is going to fit in around here perfectly. For some more information on the sport of hockey in Brazil check out here and here and here. Viva Brasil!!!




From Willie Mitchell, who might need some rehab from his rehab...



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