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The Food and The Furriest: East Round 1

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Welcome to The Food and The Furriest! Today we take a look at the East coast match-ups in Round 1 based on the the real advanced stats - food and mascots. Enjoy.

LA Kings


Montreal vs Ottawa

Hamburgers, we love two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun as much as the next.

but in the great white north; you slather some fries with gravy and cheese curd and eat until you fall asleep!


WINNER: Montreal Canadiens

Tampa Bay vs Detroit

The signature sandwich of Tampa, the Cuban. Bread, pork, ham, cheese, pickles cooked in a plancha. It's a delight.

The signiture beverage of Detroiters and Juggalos all across 313.

WINNER: Tampa Bay Lightning

New York vs Pittsburgh

Pizza. Food of the gods and commoners alike. There just is no competition. If they take on Chicago in the finals... well the Cup is heading to The Big Apple.

They like fries and coleslaw on their sandwiches in the Steel City. It's the go-to classic... but it's no za.

WINNER: New York Rangers

Washington vs New York

All those politicians in D.C. like to don a bib for their power lunch steaks

Nothing like having a couple of Coney Dogs on Long Island!

WINNER: New York Islanders


When it comes to picking which NHL teams will advance in the 1st Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we here at The Royal Half know that there is only one way to chose a winner...

2015 NHL All-Star Weekend - Mascot Showdown


Montreal vs Ottawa

The Montreal Canadiens mascot, Youppi, started off as a baseball mascot!


While the Ottawa Senators have a mascot called Spartacat, last year they unveiled new mascots that are based on the most Canadian thing ever...

Colorado Avalanche v Ottawa Senators

Prime Ministers!

WINNER: Ottawa Senators

Tampa Bay vs Detroit

The Tampa Bay Lighting have ThunderBug... which is a... um... bug of thunder?

2012 NHL All-Star Game - Mascot Portraits

While the Detroit Red Wings have Al The Octopus, which isn't really a mascot but rather a really scary oversized octopus that they lower from the rafters.


WINNER: Tampa Bay Lighting

New York vs Pittsburgh

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.30.03 PM

Sadly, even with Iceburgh on their side, the Penguins will face a Sudden Death in the 1st Round.

WINNER: New York Rangers

Washington vs New York

The New York Islanders have a mascot named Sparky The Dragon... who is only the Islanders mascot because the Arena Football team that he worked for folded.


Arizona Rattlers v New York Dragons

The Washington Capitals have a mascot named Slapshot.. which is probably the least creative mascot name in the NHL.


But he never worked for an Arena Football team.

WINNER: Washington Capitals

We'll be back with the Western Conference tomorrow!

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