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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
With the Kings Saluting Teachers at the Kings vs. Minnesota Wild game at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 13, (Buy Tickets), chatted with some of the Kings players about their favorite teacher..we apologize ahead of time for any misspelled words.

Michal Handzus: I had great teachers and great coaches, but I don’t think I can name just one.

Derek Armstrong: In junior elementary back in British Columbia, grade 6 and grade 7, I had Mr. Schauffer and Mr. Mills. They taught me about hard work. We had six kids who played basketball, volleyball and track and we always went to the state championships. They just showed us what hard work was all about in addition to the basic skills, so I always have a good place in my heart for them.

Kyle Calder: I have a couple favorite teachers: Ms. Price back in Canada, she was one of my favorite teachers, a science teacher and Mr. Roland; he was one of my favorite teachers. I had a lot of good teachers but I can’t remember any other names.

Kyle Quincey: My favorite teacher is probably my grade 12 accounting teacher, and she ended up being my billet in Juniors.

Matt Greene: Frank White in college, my sociology professor.

Alexander Frolov: That was a long time ago- I have a couple. I was really lucky because all of my teachers were really good. They all helped me a lot and gave me a lot- everything I know. I don’t want to pick one because they were all really good.

Patrick O’Sullivan: I had a teacher, I think it was in the first grade and his name was Mr. McGill. He was our track coach as well, apparently there was track in first grade if I can remember correctly, and he was cool. I used to miss a lot of Fridays going away for hockey tournaments and he was always fun. Pretty much after first grade is when I started disliking school, so I probably had some other good teachers but I just wasn’t happy to be there, so he was the best.

Tom Preissing: I have to say that both of my parents are teachers, but I didn’t have either one of them as a teacher. My favorite teacher of all time is Mrs. Strandberg at Scott Highlands Middle School for sixth grade English.

Jarett Stoll: Probably in my hometown, Yorktown Saskatchewan his name is Mike Mulaney. He was my grade six teacher and he was very friendly, very personable. I was playing hockey at the time and pretty serious with it, and I still remember to this day him telling me that I would make it in the NHL someday and that he couldn’t wait to see me play. His favorite team was the Montreal Canadiens so he would always give me jabs about that and to this day when I go back home and see him every once in awhile, he still talks about that. He was a very special guy and he taught me a lot.

Anze Kopitar: I have to go with my dad because he has been a really big part of my career. He was my coach when I was younger and he is still a teacher. I have always looked up to him.

Jack Johnson: My favorite teacher was my English professor at Michigan, Randy Tessier.

Jason LaBarbara: I had a teacher that was a social studies teacher named Mr. Roberts- he was a gym teacher as well. At lunch there were a bunch of people that played basketball and he was a really competitive basketball player as well as a really good social studies teacher, and it was nice to get the best of both worlds. I got to know him away from class and in class, which was kind of cool. At that time I would have been grade 10, so about 15 years old.

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