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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Is Jack Johnson changing numbers?

This week's mailbag was full of questions on topics ranging from Jack Johnson’s sweater number next season to who might wear the “C” in 2007-08. Find out those answers and more in this week’s Royal Mailbag.

What was Jim Fox’s original number in his rookie season?
Brian H., Bakersfield, CA

Jim Fox wore No. 19 during his rookie year and for eight of his 10 years with the Kings. When Larry Robinson joined the Kings from the Montreal Canadiens in 1989, Fox gave him his number while he was out that season with a knee injury. When Fox returned for the 1989-90 season, he wore the No. 4.

The right winger finished his career scoring 186 goals and 479 points in 578 games, all with the Kings. He has been the Kings television color analyst for the last 17 seasons.

I was wondering if Jack Johnson was going to stay number 33 or if he was going to go back to his college and USA number of No. 3? I want to know so I know which jersey to get.
Shawn., B., Agora Hills, Calif.

As you know, Jack Johnson wore the No. 3 in his two seasons at the University of Michigan as well as with Team USA in the World Junior Championships. When Johnson joined the Kings for the last five games of the 2006-07 season, veteran defenseman Aaron Miller, who wears No. 3, was still playing with the Kings. As a result, Johnson changed to the No. 33 for the remainder of the season.

With Miller moving on to Vancouver as a free agent on July 10, the No. 3 was vacated and Johnson will now wear the number.

I have heard a lot of rumors that teams are going to be changing up there uniforms next season. Can you tell me any information you might have on that?
David F., Orange, CA

For the first time in the history of any major North American professional sports league, a league-wide uniform innovation has been established. The National Hockey League and Reebok have partnered to create a technologically-advanced uniform system designed to meet the demands of today’s NHL players, called the Rbk EDGE Uniform System™.

With performance and safety at the forefront of the design process, the Rbk EDGE Uniform System will debut after more than two years of research and testing. NHL players, the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) and NHL team executives worked in conjunction with RBK Hockey research and development to play an integral role in the design process.

The new Rbk EDGE Uniform System were introduced as Eastern and Western Conference All-Star uniforms during the 2007 NHL All-Star Celebration in Dallas, Texas. All 30 NHL teams will wear the RBK EDGE uniform in their respective colors and designs this fall with the opening of the 2007-08 NHL season.

The Kings will release more information on these jerseys on Sept. 15. Remember, for all of your jersey needs, check out the TEAM LA store nearest to you.

Why are the road teams wearing white and the home teams wearing their dark road jerseys? I noticed that this started after the lockout. I thought maybe it was only for last season, but it continued this season as well.
Thomas D.

The NHL made the decision two years ago to have the home team wear the darks and the road team to wear their whites. 

I was a Kings fan back in 1992-93 when they made the Stanley Cup Finals, and I remember a song by Run DMC called "Down with the Kings" and that the lyrics were made special for the Los Angeles Kings. I'm having trouble finding this song anywhere on the internet. Could you possibly help me?
Mitch M., San Clemente, CA

There is a RUN DMC song that came out in '93 called "Down With The King" that can be found on "The Best Of RUN DMC". However, could not confirm nor deny that there was ever any special song for the Los Angeles Kings.

Kings fans, if you remember such a song feel free to email

I was wondering who you thought might be Captain next season. I am a big fan of Rob Blake and putting a "C" on him would definitely make the other players take notice of his work ethic and want to play for him, as well as stepping up his own game. He is a born leader. What do you think Coach Crawford?
Doug T.

“Of course we are going to take a look at Rob,” Head Coach Marc Crawford said upon hearing the question. “He is at the point in his career where he understands the impact he has on other players, especially the younger players.”

Crawford added, “At the same time he understands that being in a support role to maybe a younger guy who is going to be a leader for years to come might be beneficial. Rob was a captain when he was 27 years old (Blake was Kings Captain from 1996-97 to 2000-01) and maybe him being in a support role to a younger player might be beneficial for the team.

”We are going to examine all these things and make a decision in training camp.”

So stay tuned…

I have a question for Luc Robitaille, why did you put black tape on during the second period and white in the first and third periods?
Eric L., Quebec, Canada

According to Robitaille, "It started it when I was a 16-year-old kid, when our trainer ran out of tape in the locker room, and I did it the rest of my career. I never missed one game, always white, black, white."

Thank you for all of your questions, would like to answer as many questions from Los Angeles Kings fans as possible. E-mail your query to for possible inclusion in a future mailbag column, which we be produced periodically during the off season and bi-monthly during the regular season. Letters can be addressed to any member of the organization and may be edited for brevity, length and/or content. Please include your name and location along with your question and email

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