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Robyn Regehr / Brazil

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

Kings veteran defenseman Robyn Regehr was born in Brazil, though he did not live in the country very long. He recently answered the following questions about growing up in Canada and some of his off-ice interests:

Q: You were born in Brazil but left the country at a very young age. Do you remember anything from that time when you were young? Do you happen to speak or know a few words in Portuguese?

A: Yes our family left Brazil when I was only nine months old so I do not remember any parts of it. I am not able to speak Portuguese either. My parents learned while there.

Q: After you settled in Canada, did you play any sports besides hockey? Or was hockey always your passion and a career that you always dreamt of pursuing since then?

A: When we moved back to Canada I played all kinds of sports. Hockey was my favorite and I always dreamed of playing in the NHL. I also played soccer, golf, softball and badminton.

Q: Have ever visited Brazil after you left? Do you have any interest in developing hockey around here?

A: I have never been back to Brazil since our family left. I would like to come back and visit the country but need to learn to speak some Portuguese first. I have never thought about developing hockey in Brazil yet at this point I'm still focusing on my career and trying to win the Stanley Cup.

Q: You probably know that Brazil’s favorite sport is soccer. Have you ever tried playing that sport professionally? Do you follow soccer? Have any players/teams you support?

A: I do enjoy soccer and played the sport a lot as a child. We as hockey players use a soccer ball and have a little game as a part of our warm ups before playing each hockey game. I cheer for the Brazilian National team every time they are playing. That's my team.

Q: You are Canadian, but deep inside can you say you at least feel a little bit Brazilian?

A: Yes growing up in Canada mainly I am a Canadian citizen but I do feel that a part of me is still Brazilian having been born there.

Q: You recently were traded to the Kings. Do you feel confident that you will get your first NHL championship this year? What is the team’s mindset for when playoff time comes?

A: I'm excited about being with a new team in the Kings. We have a good young team here but they have also won before so most of them have experience. I'm hoping to be a piece of the team that helps them to repeat.

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