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Q-and-A with Colin Hanks

by Jeff Moeller / Los Angeles Kings

20th Century Fox and the LA Kings have partnered up to promote the recent DVD release of Fargo, Season 1. 

Colin Hanks, one of the stars of that show on FX, has followed the Kings closely for years, and he had fun answering these wide-ranging questions from after dropping the ceremonial first puck at STAPLES Center before a recent Kings-Wild game:

Q: You just dropped the puck.  Was it fun or are you just glad you didn’t slip and fall?
A: For me it was all good.  Now I had just seen footage of the guy singing the Canadian National Anthem on skates and he fell.  After seeing that I figured I was pretty good being on the carpet.  It was a blast.  It was a bucket list-type of thing for sure.

Q: Fargo is in North Dakota of course.  Do you know which Kings veteran played at the University of North Dakota?
A: I do.  That would be Matt Greene.

Q: Your show has received a great deal of critical acclaim.  What do feel has separated this show from other contemporary shows?
A: I don’t think people initially knew what to expect.  I think a lot of people asked a lot of questions.  I think the powers that be – Noah Hawley, the writer and show-runner – along with Warren Littlefield and FX and MGM Television had a specific had a very specific vision in mind.  They knew how to do it, how to make it interesting yet also stand on its own.  At its core that is what drew people to make it and it is what has drawn folks to watch it.

Q: As a storyteller yourself, how do you compare the two Cup wins by the Kings?
A: The specific road to each Cup, simple as that.  For any team to win a championship a lot of things need to go right.  A lot of things need to happen – chemistry, luck, momentum.  Throw it all together but the things that hit me as it relates to those two championship teams is the same, key components such as picking up Gaborik in 2014 at the trade deadline much like getting Carter in 2012 at the trade deadline.  Those are some similarities but each journey was also very different.  Nobody expected that first Cup run to be so easy – and when I say easy, I am not the one playing in the games – but it looked easy, it looked effortless.  I just don’t think people expected to see the domination by the Kings.

Q: And 2014?
A: That is unprecedented.  Has that been seen in any team sport what with the three game sevens all on the road?  That is incredible.  Some similarities yet some striking differences too. 

Q: Who are you favorite Kings….no longer with the Kings?
A: Interesting question.  Dustin Penner and Willie Mitchell.  That is a toss-up.  I have some soft spots for both of those guys.

Q: Which current King would have the best chance to make it in acting?
A: I know Matt Greene has had some acting work.  He played a dead guy and I think that counts.  Penner might have a chance with his wicked sense of humor.  Jeff Carter has movie star looks.  Stolly too.

Q: When you work with someone new or for the first time – an actor for example – do you check their IMDB page?
A: If I have never heard of them before, yes.  Most definitely.

Q: Has there been a part or job you turned down and now, looking back, you regret that?
A: There are a few of those but I like to keep those in my closet.

Q: What is your dream job in Hollywood?
A: Whatever is the next job that casts me.  Whichever job I get next.

Q: What is your dream job in sports?
A: That is a good question.  Maybe the job of sports broadcaster.  That job doesn’t stink.  Sit there and watch the game.

Q: When you are younger and you are watching an episode of Seinfeld and suddenly the characters start talking about your dad, Tom…is that weird?
A: You sort of get used to it.  Specific to a Seinfeld episode I did not know that.  They talked about him in one of the episodes?  That is a new one to me.

Q: Ever a time your dad had to sit you down and explain Bosom Buddies?
A: Ha.  No.  When you are used to your family wearing make-up for a living, the cross-dressing part does not faze you.

Q: You were in Orange County and an episode of The OC – does anyone ever mess up those residual checks?
A: No.  No.  Luckily the checks come in.  I think the people in charge of the money would not mix those up.

Q: Ever been able to get the ‘That Thing You Do’ song out of your head?
A: No, I haven’t.  A big problem is that a lot of songs from that movie are still stuck in my head.  I have it worse than everyone else. 

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