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Q&A With Kings Scouting Coordinator Lee Callans

by Jeremy Zager / Los Angeles Kings
Kings scouting coordinator Lee Callans chats about some of the many things that take place before a prospect such as Derek Forbort is selected at the NHL Entry Draft.

As day two of the Kings draft kicks off, sat down with Scouting Operations Coordinator Lee Callans. What is your role for an NHL draft?

Lee Callans: I’m probably the guy who makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks. I’m more of a secretary for our meetings and making sure everyone [all the scouts] is getting here and paying attention to the little details. Small things like bringing jerseys [for our draft picks], the name plates on the jerseys and just the overall logistics. A lot of it is scheduling interviews, working with the league to make sure that everyone has their credentials etc. When does preparation start for the draft?

Lee Callans: Pretty much when one draft concludes you begin prepping for the next one. You start looking at the initial stages of planning for guys to play in tournaments for the next year and budgets and what not. Preparation starts about 18 months ahead, so I don’t know if you’re ever not preparing. The week of the draft, what’s your role?

Lee Callans: Reviewing all the information we accumulate throughout the season and making sure that everyone [our scouts] has what they need, like lists guys are working on, the reports and it’s just making sure that if someone is missing it’s my job to make sure it’s there. I’m here to make sure everyone has what they need to do their job to the fullest and make sure they have all their information. How do you get all that information and materials on these prospects throughout the year?

Lee Callans: A lot of it is just talking with our scouts and just finding out what their needs are. So much of the time the guys are busy traveling and their schedules are very difficult so I really make sure the little details that matter are taken care of. To sum it all up, I pretty much do whatever is asked. What is your role at the draft table?

Lee Callans: I’m the system’s selection operator. So when we decide on our pick I enter it into the computer and then it’s my job that once the kid comes down to our table that we have all the information so he can be ready to be a King. I make sure he’s prepared for our summer camps and their future within our organization.

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