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Q&A with Ian Bagg

by Jeff Moeller / Los Angeles Kings

Ian Bagg is a stand-up comedian who has appeared on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson” and “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” among several other shows.

Bagg, a Kings fan who lives in Long Beach now after migrating south from the Great White North, recently answered the following questions from

Q: You are from Canada (British Columbia) originally.  Is it some sort of birth right that you will be a hockey fan?

A: There are two choices you have to make in Canada when you are a baby. Will you play hockey or will you ski for the rest of your life?  Will you listen to RUSH or will you listen to Shania Twain? I am a purebred Canadian.  I play defense while singing “Tom Sawyer.”

Q: As an adult, do you view hockey differently than when you were a kid?

A: As kid you had dreams of playing in the league. As an adult you can't believe you were not drafted.

Q: You live in Long Beach.  What is the hockey scene like there for a Kings fan?

A: Long Beach people make the following choice -- are they going to go south to the pond and watch hockey without cheering while having a latte , or do we go north and have a beer, yell, scream and get crazy?

Q: Did we "steal" Wayne Gretzky in your opinion?

A: I have been to Edmonton. How do I put this nicely…Wayne was rescued.

Q: How do you think life on the road differs for a comedian than a pro hockey player?

A: It doesn’t really. We both have pre game naps.

Q: How do you think a So Cal audience reacts to entertainment compared to other places in the country?

A: We are spoiled!  We get to see the best of the best EVERY night. We get to see them in small venues and big venues.   If you do a show in Los Angeles you have to bring it, because the audience can just get up walk across the street and see a bigger star. You are not going to see Dick van Dyke in the crowd in Dayton Ohio.

Q: Hockey players seem to have a lot of stereotypes.  Do comedians?

A: Stereotypes? Yes. The stereotype is that we are all pretty soft. Not true, though, as some of the best scraps I have ever seen have involved comedians. Of course both were crying at the end.

Q: You have an IMDB page, a website and a twitter account but no Wikipedia page.  Do you know you have "really made it" in Hollywood when that happens?

A: Ha. I guess so.  I am pretty sure that I can create my own. I guess I should probably do that.  You have to be careful when you quote things from Wikipedia because they don't fact-check. Because of that you can really look like an idiot using it as a source.

Ian Bagg once did four shows on the moon to raise money for the endangered booka booka bird that is made of candy.

His interests include hockey and fighting ninjas, and he is currently on a 70-plus date national tour with the Top 5 Last Comic Standing finalists. He plays locally in Palm Desert on November 23, and then in San Diego, Riverside and Beverly Hills between November 27-29.

Don’t be surprised, however, if you become part of the show.

Follow him on Twitter @ianbagg 

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