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Post-Game Notes: Sharks vs. Kings

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

  • The Kings go into the All-Star Break having won three straight, one point out of a playoff spot
  • Jonathan Quick is 5-0 in shootouts this season (stopping 20 of 23 shots = .870 save percentage)
  • Quick is now 17-7 all-time in shootouts (stopping 64 of 88 shots = .727 save percentage)
  • Jarret Stoll is 3-of-4 in shootouts this season (7-of-17 lifetime)
  • It was Stoll’s second game-deciding shootout goal this season; tied for second in the NHL
  • The was the fourth time this season the Kings have won when trailing after two periods
  • The Kings have allowed 13 goals in the last seven games (1.86 per game)
  • The Kings have now allowed fewer than 30 shots eight of the last nine games (17 of the last 20)
  • The Kings have won 50+ percent of the faceoffs in seven straight games
  • Michal Handzus won nine of 10 faceoffs tonight (53-of-80 in the last five games = 66.3 percent; 34-of-46 the last three games = 73.9 percent)
  • Ryan Smyth has 13 points in the last 15 game s (8-5=13)
  • Jarret Stoll has nine points in the last 11 games (6-3=9)
(Re game recap): “That was a playoff hockey game, that was a good game. It was hard, it was heavy, there was good checking, there was some big hits, there was some scoring, it was a fun game. And big goaltending at both ends, both guys I thought were very big, they came up not only in the overtime and the shootout, but on the five-on-five, there were a couple plays that both goaltenders looked outstanding.”

(Re picking Stoll as fourth guy in shootout): “You have a shootout group, we put it together a couple years ago, and there’s seven, eight guys in there that are the shooters in the shootout, it just comes down to making a selection. On that selection with Stolly [Stoll], I’m looking at a left-handed catching goaltender and a right shot. His read on that is to shoot the puck.”

(Re Ponikarovsky’s goal): “That was the kind of shift you have to have. You want to continue to play the game the right way, making plays, getting on the puck. We’ve been doing a lot of good things in the game, and you just want to continue to do it, and I thought the shift was absolutely outstanding. Recovering pucks… they tried to clear it two, three times, Scuderi keeps it in… you just want to keep pucks going to the net, good things can happen… it ends up being the tying goal, a huge goal.”

(Re penalty kill in third): “The penalty killing was huge, a four-minute penalty kill in the third period, that was big time. You’ve got to dig in and get it done, and everybody did.”

(Re game recap):  “I had a couple of injuries at the start of the year and I’m kind of recovering after it.  It’s a normal process and you just have to go through some tough times.  Today everybody had a good effort.  We put a lot into the game so it was just a great win before the break and everybody is happy and I am as well.”

(Re goal): “Yeah we really hung in there.  It was a pretty long one (shift) and when you have those guys in the zone like that you just have to stick there because you have to try and out-battle them basically and put the puck in the net.  You basically wear them down and they all were tired at the end of the shift, but we were lucky to just battle and put it in.”

(Re continuing winning streak): “It’s going to be a little tough after the break.  I think everybody in this room knows what needs to be done in terms of system and effort so I think everybody is ready for it.  We just have to go in and win as much as we can.”

(Re shootout):  “It makes it a lot harder, no question.  I think the whole point of getting a point in overtime is to make it a little more wide open and take chances, I think that was the whole point of why it was put in place.  But to go for the win and not sit back in overtime, but three point games make it tough to catch teams.”

(Re penalty kill): “It was everything.  It was the game.  That was the difference between pretty much getting into overtime and getting a point or zero points.  Four minutes is a long time to kill for the San Jose Sharks.  They have a lot of world-class players over there so it was a great penalty kill. It definitely gives you some confidence and gives you a chance to get a point.  You get a point out of the game.  If they score there it’s going to make it pretty tough on us to get a goal with only a couple of minutes left in the hockey game.”

(Re game recap): “I think we came to play, I think the effort was there, the grind part of the game was there, but I don’t think we were sharp enough to win.  If you look at the power play opportunities we had, we didn’t generate…that’s usually our bread and butter. So when that wasn’t there it took a lot of momentum out of our game. And obviously when you have four shooters you expect to at least get one by him. Sharp enough for a point, not sharp enough for two.”

(Re post all-star break): “Down the stretch we’re going to see games like this on a nightly basis.  It’s going to be no different for us than for probably 12, 15 teams.  We have to be prepared to compete every night, give ourselves a chance to win games, and if the opponent is better than us then we have to live with that.  But show up and play.”

(Re game recap): “I thought we kept going even after they scored that goal, we had a good push.  Would have liked to probably get a little something on that power play, a little more pace…but if you look at the shots, obviously it was a tight game.”

“It was a tough game. I thought we played pretty hard.  Both teams played like they needed those points.  It would have been nice to end it on that shootout.”

(Re last power play): “I don’t know if there was any point that the game slipped away from us.  I guess we had a couple of good chances in overtime.  But that was a hell of an opportunity, with six minutes left and you got a four-minute  power play.  But I give them credit, we had a couple of chances, not too many huge opportunities on that power play so that was probably the difference.”

(Re game recap): “We played alright, it’s still tough not to get that extra point.  The conference is so tight that those points from the shootout are needed.  We were disappointed with not getting the win, but I did think we played a pretty good game and had our chances to win it.”

(Re shootout attempt): “I thought it was in, he must have just put his foot out there a little longer.  When I turned around and fired I didn’t think there was a chance that he was going to make that save…When I went to my backhand I kind of lifted my stick and I turned around and I knew he was pushing across that way and he was sprawled out; I don’t know how he saved it.”

Start of All-Star Break – no practice

Post Game Quotes Compiled By:  Sophie Pustil, Katie Sutherland and Lindsay Adler
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