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MIC’D UP…with Nick Nickson

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

In this MIC’D UP feature Nick Nickson reflects on his time with the Stanley Cup in September. In addition to the players, he and several other members of the Kings’ staff had a chance to spend a few hours with the iconic trophy this past summer. Nickson, a native of Rochester, New York, enjoyed some time with the Cup in Santa Clarita with family, friends and longtime Kings’ fans.

Q: When did you learn you would have some time with the Stanley Cup?

Nickson: After we won the championship, I wasn’t sure we’d have an opportunity to be with the Cup, but shortly thereafter I think we (all of the Kings’ broadcasters) got the feeling that the Kings were going to try and make it happen as best they could.

Q: You had your date on September 9th in Santa Clarita. What was that like?

Nickson: When I found out I had an opportunity to have time with the Cup, two things came to mind on what I wanted to do. One was to try to raise money for the Ace Bailey Children’s Foundation and the Mark Bavis Leadership Foundation, and two was also to try to involve as many Kings’ season seat holders in my area as possible. Fortunately I was able to incorporate both into that night.

Q: What was it like to share your special night with the Kings’ season seat holders?

Nickson: I wanted to try and make them part of the celebration as much as possible and I’m happy with the way it turned out. I know of all the responses I got from the people who got pictures with the Cup and of course for the two hours I was up there directing traffic that night and greeting people, the season seat holders were the ones that had the broadest smiles and the widest eyes. You could just tell they were really enthralled with the whole scene of actually being next to the Stanley Cup.

Q: Going forward, how will Kings’ fans view this franchise after finally witnessing a championship?

Nickson: You just get the sense that they’re going to be lifers now. It’s interesting because obviously they’ve been fans for a number of years but I think a celebration with the Cup or having your team win the Stanley Cup justifies the support you’ve had over the years. It takes them from diehard Kings’ fans to lifetime Kings’ fans. They’re going to be with the team from here on forward through thick and thin.

Q: Did you and your family have some personal time with the Cup that night too?

Nickson: I wanted to get pictures with the immediate family and I also invited relatives that I have back east. I think for me the only disappointing part was that my mom and dad couldn’t make it and have their picture with us and the Stanley Cup because my dad can’t travel – he’s 89 years old and still very much sharp as a tack and able to manage his everyday personal life – he just can’t travel.

Q: After over 30 years with the team and witnessing first hand years of frustration and disappointment, do you actually believe it happened? Do you believe the Kings are the champs?

Nickson: We came back from vacation a couple of weeks ago and we were waiting for a shuttle at LAX and a shuttle drove by and it had a Kings advertisement on it. I turned to my son and I pointed at the sign and said, ‘they won the Stanley Cup,’ and we both kind of chuckled.

I’ve always had pride about working for the Kings, but now being with the Kings who have won a Stanley Cup championship you know, your chin is out a little higher, your chest is out a little more, and there’s that yeah, we did it feeling. Even though I know I had absolutely nothing to do with winning it on the ice, it’s nice to know you’re a part of it.

Special thanks to Sarah Sotoodeh who contributed to this feature.

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