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Learning the Game: Mo Williams

by Jeff Moeller / Los Angeles Kings

As the playoff march continues for the Kings tomorrow night in Phoenix, the postseason came to an end last night for the Clippers in the second-round of NBA playoff action.

Before the Clippers fell to the Spurs, and before the Clippers bested Memphis in a thrilling seven-game first round series, caught up with one of the hockey’s newest fans, veteran Clippers guard Mo Williams, at a Kings game at STAPLES Center, and asked the following questions:

Q: What are your general impressions of hockey?

A: I have a newfound respect for the game. Watching the game you can see the formations and the strategy that’s involved in it. Being a basketball player you understand some of the things that they are trying to do and trying to say to each other. They’re trying to score the same way we do – only we just put it in the basket, they’re just trying to put it in the goal. It’s more physical, obviously. But from the outside looking in, if you didn’t know the game, you’d think all they do is fight. But there’s more too it than that if you really understand what these guys do strategically.

Q: Is it all the more impressive considering they are doing it on the ice and on skates?

A: They have thin blades and that is a little puck they’ve got to hit in the net. I’m watching how they maneuver, how they pass, what I’m going to call ‘dribbling.’ That stuff, and how they set up, is unbelievable.

Q: Have you ever skated before?

A: Well I have skated, not on ice, but I have skated, and I will say I am not a great skater by any means or stretch of the imagination. But coming to see them in person really educated me a lot about the game.

Q: If someone in your locker room on the Clippers would be a good hockey player, who would it be?

A: To me I would probably say Eric Bledsoe. He learns quickly and he’s so athletic so that would work in his favor. I don’t know what position he’d play, probably up front and be a scorer. Blake [Griffin] would probably be in the back and be a bruiser, so those two would probably have the most potential to be hockey players.

Q: Who on your roster would be the worst?

A: Probably Trey Thompkins. He is a big guy at 6-10. He is too big to move on ice.

Q: You saw one fight tonight, and you earlier talked about the physicality of the game. Who on the Clippers roster would be the best fighter?

A: Reggie Evans. He probably could play hockey and he’d enjoy it. He’d skate around with no stick or anything.

Q: Who’d be the worst fighter?

A: The worst fighter on the Clippers would be DeAndre Jordan. He wouldn’t want to fight.

Q: How would you do as a hockey goalie?

A: I think I’d fair pretty well. I played baseball growing up so I’m used to catching fast pitches and hard hit ground balls. I don’t know if the goalie position would be my expertise but if anybody on my team could do it, I could.

Q: You’ve been in LA now for a year. What do you like to do in the city for fun?

A: Just having an opportunity to get out into the city, out to the restaurants and enjoying the weather. Our games are so crunched together, we play and practice so much that nightlife really isn’t an option. Just getting a nice meal at a nice restaurant and just relaxing and enjoying the day is what it’s all about.

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