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Kings of The Amazing Race

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

The Amazing Race is one of the most popular – and longest-tenured – reality shows on TV.

Two members of our Ice Crew participated in 2013 performed very well and the show’s Executive Producer (for more than 300 episodes), Jerry Bruckheimer, is a long-time Kings/hockey fan who also has season seats at STAPLES Center.

Earlier this month the team of Joey and Kelsey were crowned the winners in the latest installment of the well-produced, Emmy Award-winning series. In addition to being news reporters at KEYT-TV in Santa Barbara, they are also big supporters of the LA Kings.

Both Kelsey and Joey recently answered these questions via email from Can you talk about your passion for the LA Kings?

Joey Buttitta: "I have loved the Kings since I was kid. My dad would take me to games, we'd cheer on guys like Luc Robitaille, Rob Blake and more recently Dustin Brown, Justin Williams and Quickie! Of course, 'The Great One' was pretty fun too but I was really young when he was playing and led the Kings to that Cup Final in 93. But I remember it all. Had some fun nights at The Forum!"

Kelsey Gerckens: "Joey really got me interested in the Kings. Growing up in Ventura they have always been my local team, and I've had my jersey forever, but being with Joey I'm definitely a much bigger Kings fan. We watch nearly every game and love to go to STAPLES Center." You are engaged now but you used to come to Kings playoff games when you were dating.  Did those intense contests bring you closer together?

Kelsey Gerckens: "Sure did! Always fun to have someone get smacked against the glass while on a date. And Joey screaming, 'did you see that!' Plus it's cold in there, good cuddle conditions."

Joey Buttitta: "It was really fun to go to games when we first started dating. Kelsey is ALWAYS cold and she'd be so bundled up in there. But we'd have a few beers, nachos and then start yelling at the opposing team. Always good to bring people two people together." The Kings have a strong following in Ventura County and in Santa Barbara County.  Is the traffic to a Kings game there and then about as challenging as participating in the Amazing Race?

Joey Buttitta: "Nothing is as challenging as The Amazing Race but LA traffic is pretty close. We like to get down to LA Live early and avoid the mad rush on the 101 and 110."

Kelsey Gerckens: "Traffic is the worst! But The Amazing Race is much harder!" What pair of Kings players do you think would make the best “racers” on the Amazing Race and why?

Kelsey Gerckens: "Quick and Kopitar. Those guys would be awesome!! Jonathan is so athletic and I feel like he would be good in challenges that involve dancing or rhythm. Anze, I feel is the lead by example type of person and that's my type of personality too." 

Joey Buttitta: "Toffoli and Jeff Carter. These guys are scorers!! And they are tough as nails. Toughness is important in The Amazing Race." Are you disappointed you didn’t encounter any ice skating or hockey challenges?

Joey Buttitta: "I think we would have been good on skates. But we've seen past Amazing Race challenges where skating was the easy part, what you had to do in skates was really hard."

Kelsey Gerckens: "Joey and I practiced different things before we left on the race, just so we would have some general knowledge. Skating was one of them. But just like everything else we practiced... It never came up on the race. Ha" How do you think our Ice Crew members did on the show when they participated?

Kelsey Gerckens: Ally and Ashley were so fun to watch! Loved how they had their Kings gear on every leg. We were rooting for them every step of the way. 

Joey Buttitta: The Ice Queens!! Those girls were not messing around. They were in it to win it. It's fun seeing them now after we won our season, it's like having an extended Amazing Race family. We know he could handle the travel schedule well but do you think Phil Keoghan would make a good NHL player?

Joey Buttitta: He's from New Zealand, so Phil is tough but us TV people like our teeth too. So I'm not sure how head handle a slash to the mouth. 

Kelsey Gerckens: Phil would be great! I don't know if he's NHL great, but I could see him playing at the ice rink where a lot of Joey's friends play in a league every week. Since you both work in TV, do you think you watch our broadcasts on FOX Sports West any differently so to speak?

Kelsey Gerckens: Not really. We love the Kings and just being able to watch them play in person, at home or at a bar is always fun. 

Joey Buttitta: Watching the LA Kings on TV is great because of Bob Miller. He always has me thinking that someday I could do play-by-play. He's just so natural with it all. Now that you won the million dollars, what one Kings item will you look to buy at our Team LA Store?

Joey Buttitta: Personalized Jerseys! We've been talking about getting some for a while. Now we can. 

Kelsey Gerckens: Definitely getting personalized jerseys. And we have a new puppy so I think she needs one too. 

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