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Kings Announce New Off-Ice Conduct Awareness Training Initiatives

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings today announced a series of new off-ice Conduct Awareness Training Initiatives that will take effect prior to the start of the 2015-16 season and will reflect the values and principles of the franchise.

“During the past year, we have been extremely diligent in developing an educational strategy and comprehensive programs in an effort to ensure that the troubling incidents that occurred last season are not repeated,” said Dan Beckerman, chief executive of AEG. “We have conducted research, gathered information and forged partnerships that will better prepare our players and staff for challenges that could impact their behavior away from the workplace.’’

Highlighting today’s announcement is the Kings’ new partnership with Peace Over Violence, a violence prevention center headquartered in Los Angeles. As part of this new partnership, the Kings and Peace Over Violence (POV) will create a promotional campaign entitled “Kings Over Violence” in an effort to create a platform to significantly increase awareness against violence. Within this campaign, the Kings will seek to support the goals of POV, which is dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence.

In addition to the POV / Kings Over Violence program, the club is adding:

  • The Herren Project, aimed at better educating players about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Sexual harassment training.
  • A conduct awareness program created by the Kings’ owner, AEG Sports properties.
  • A new Player Assistance position, which will focus on the challenges of addiction and substance abuse, has been created. The Kings have hired former NHL player Brantt Myhres for this position.

Kings President / General Manager Dean Lombardi said: “These programs are now part of the development process for all of our players. No longer can we solely focus on their growth and education as just hockey players; we need to give them the tools to thrive as people, too. These programs will extend to their family lives and empower them with strategies to best manage their positive development off the ice.”

Kings President, Business Operations Luc Robitaille said: “As an organization, we have very high standards and we do not tolerate behavior that does not represent the core values that define us. We are taking a stand but also embracing the opportunity to enhance our understanding of these important issues and to work together to raise awareness both in our industry and in our community.”

Peace Over Violence:

Established in 1971, Peace Over Violence is a violence prevention center dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence. The Kings and POV have partnered to launch Kings Over Violence, a multi-tiered platform to help raise awareness of the dangers of violence in relationships.

As part of this platform, the Kings will be funding POV’s annual Youth Leadership Program. In addition, POV will provide the hockey club with annual Domestic Violence Training and support for players, staff and their families. POV will host multiple educational and training sessions with Kings employees and families beginning later this month. The seminars also will take place at various other times throughout the season.

“Peace Over Violence is thrilled to have the LA Kings, a premier sports organization, joining our mission to create healthy families and communities free from violence,” said Patti Giggans, Executive Director of Peace Over Violence. “This partnership between Peace Over Violence and Kings Over Violence will go a long way in raising awareness and promoting violence prevention throughout Los Angeles.”

To learn more about Peace Over Violence, please visit

The Herren Project:

Chris Herren, a former NBA Player and founder of The Herren Project, has been hired by the Kings to serve as a special consultant to address members of the organization in the coming weeks.

Alcohol and drug-free since August 1, 2008, Herren speaks nationally with the hope of reaching just one person and making a difference in their lives. He shares his harrowing story of abuse and recovery in his memoir, Basketball Junkie, as well as in the ESPN Films documentary “Unguarded,” of which he is the subject.

To learn more about Herren, please visit or Media Contact: Jenny Swider (401) 243-8555

Sexual Harassment Training:

Members of the Kings organization will undergo sexual harassment training in the coming weeks.

Brantt Myhres:

Former NHL Player Brantt Myhres has been hired by the Kings to serve as a special consultant to the club’s Hockey Operations department, serving in the area of Player Assistance. Myhres played for six NHL clubs during his career. A recovering addict, he has been clean and sober for seven years.

Conduct Awareness Program:

AEG Sports will be spearheading a new team Conduct Awareness Program. The goal of the new program is to create a sustainable plan for all AEG sports teams while setting standards and expectations for all employees. It can also be adapted to fit the individual culture, ages and current state of each team and the key elements will be Core Values, Training and Education.

AEG Sports also will be helping to establish an internal AEG Ethics Team. In addition, the Kings will be heavily involved in Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October), Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (February) and Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April).

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